Flying Home~: Norway #8

The lady next to me has requested a panini at least three times and has only just actually got an order in. It’s like a bloody pantomime, I almost didn’t have to pay for my drink because the lady forgot. My conscience however would not allow me to deprive them of their money so I pulled another woman down and paid, am I good person or what? 


ICE CREAM: Norway #7

Peering round Larry I start to play Guess the Flavour, when Christian once again helps me out and starts to translate the flavours he knew as best he could. We weren’t sure about some of the odd looking flavours, however popcorn flavoured ice cream rather took my fancy. Popcorn? In ice cream? How peculiar. 


Norway, Land of Roadworks: Norway #3

It took 3 hours to reach our destination, it was only meant to take 2 I swear. The mewing kittens called out from behind us, desperate cries in symphony pleading for release, only pausing to nap in the summer heat before beginning again. The traffic stretched for only a few miles but the snail pace speeds made them last an age. The fjords, mountains and trees passed by, half in an awe inspiring view, half as just trees.