The Most Expensive Zoo: Norway #4

As she walked away, Larry looked at me and confirmed that I had had no clue what on earth was going on. My age old tactic of nodding and smiling had actually worked! Normally I just end up in weird situations my awkwardness can’t handle and I’m leagues out of my comfort zone.


Norway, Land of Roadworks: Norway #3

It took 3 hours to reach our destination, it was only meant to take 2 I swear. The mewing kittens called out from behind us, desperate cries in symphony pleading for release, only pausing to nap in the summer heat before beginning again. The traffic stretched for only a few miles but the snail pace speeds made them last an age. The fjords, mountains and trees passed by, half in an awe inspiring view, half as just trees.


Goodbye to Florence: Italy #10

Seriously I’m super nervous now. I’m going home right now! That shouldn’t put me on edge! I think it’s more the paranoia that I’m on the wrong bus, despite the fact that the lovely man stamped my ticket. I’m also slightly scared that my bag is going to open in the hold below, I forgot to tie the zips closed… it’ll be fine I’m sure.. if I get to Rome I’ll just have to sight see or something.