Flying Home~: Norway #8

(Photos coming later~)

Warming up the leftovers least nights pizza, the microwave turning with a loud whirring noise, kittens mewing for another taste of the delicious human food. BBQ chicken is a gift from God, I’m so glad that it has travelled across the seas to Norway. It’s a good nosh.

My shower has been had so now all that is left to do is check out the other side of the river, the Telemark Canal.


So I just spent £20 on two packets of sweets and a chocolate bar… wow. If that doesn’t tell you about Norwegian prices I don’t know what will. I needed something to give my sister as a gift because I didn’t find any touristy shops in Skein, sweets will do. Probably the second most expensive purchase here, after the zoo tickets. Oh well.

We walked along the other side of the canal, Carol and I, which was very pretty. My photos had less buildings in as this side of the river faced mountains until the other side which was surrounded by buildings. The walk took about an hour, which was cute, and I saw one guy casually rolling round town on his unicycle. Methods of transport here are peculiar. Wish I could ride a unicycle.

I also found out why Carol wasn’t coming to England with Lars! Not knowing how cheap everything was in England compared to Norway, she’d told Lars it was too expensive and she couldn’t afford to come! And it broke her heart that the Doctor Who experience in Cardiff was closing down, sorry~ Bless her :3

Now that we are back, we realised that the power has gone out and we don’t know why. It’s very odd.

Dinner is being made. Christian is here. Loki the kitten just ran head first into a chair. Yay! We watched the best of BGT for a few hours until Christian arrived at around half 2, sneakedy sneaking through the door. We had just asked Larry to pick up groceries on his way back from work, when Christian points out that he has a broom broom car and he can take us to find groceries. ADVENTURE!! We go to a little supermarket, I think it was actually a petrol station or something, AND IT HAS TINY TROLLEYS FOR SMOL PEOPLE!!! Not quite as exciting as baskets with wheels, but still hella exciting.

Dinner was chicken, rice and some tasty, creamy yellow sauce that Carol made. She’s a good cook, I must admit. Can I sneak her into my suitcase and bring her back to England? Christian suggested to get ice cream for pudding on our way back, but sadly we don’t have time if I want to catch my flight. Shame, I like ice cream 😦

We’re heading to the airport with Carol and Christian, adventure! However I just realised I made a tad mistake… my plane LEAVES at 8pm.. but the gate shuts at half seven. I should be okay cause I requested we get there for half six… but I hope we don’t get stuck in too much traffic! Would be awks.

We made it with plenty of time, just about half 6! Larry and Christian were thrown slightly by the fact I didn’t need to check in or check in my baggage, I had hand luggage only and I checked in online before I left England. Quite convenient I must say, even though it cost £4 to check in the return flight. Yay! I had no clue where the security line was due to a pillar blocking the way, but luckily Christian had been before and could point out the way for me. His girlfriend is a lucky woman. Larry started to come to.the realisation.that he needed to.come to.the airport with extra time to spare when.he comes to England, cause he had NO clue whatsoever what to do at the airport. Good luck friend! 

Sending then off with a hug each I was ushered through to the line of security. Slowly I noticed that other people had tags on their hand luggage, making me suddenly panic that I had to check in my hand luggage, this panic lasted until I found my gate and saw no one in my plane had these tags. Leaving the country I had to empty my bag of electronics, but the nice man spoke English and didn’t make me.feel bad about momentarily holding up the line to empty my bag of cameras and tablets. Good guy. 

Because it was only about 30 minutes till my gate closing I didn’t have to wait for it to display, so I carried my luggage up the stairs and through border control, good times!

Currently I’m enduring the long wait for my plane to unload and let us on, thankfully I’m near the front so I should get on the plane quickly before too many people clog up the walkway in between the seats. My only worry now is if the two inch stick of a flag poking out from my luggage gets noticed… my bag is now over the limit. DUN DUN DURRRR. I’ll be fine. Probs.

I have half a film and a book, Christopher recommended at the party, to entertain me for the next two hours of flight time. I’m sure I won’t get bored~

BRUUUUMMMM~ go the engines as we start turning. There was a lovely Norwegian x British couple in the line who talked to me briefly before we boarded the plane. They joking talked about how the Norwegians don’t know the concept of queues, quite uncivilized in comparison to the British. Apparently I was meant to watch as the Norwegian barged past without a single thought to the concept of a queue. There pleasant banter was not really revealed… or maybe I’m now just used to the stampede you witness when boarding a plane.

I’m now sat next to the sweet lady who was visiting her friend in Norway for a couple of days. Unlike the lady I sat with on the way to Norway, this one delightedly accepted my offer of a pear drop! The British are superior sweet eaters! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA~ That and she said she hadn’t had one for years and had forgotten the taste, I hope my sweet brings back pleasant memories for her. She’s an absolute doll :3

I’m help a thirsty and I don’t know how to obtain a beverage. A nice lady exchanged my €20 with smaller change so I didn’t seem like an absolute twit wanting change for a €2 drink. My plan of action is to sit and wait for the tea trolley to roll on by. It’s an expensive drink but after Norwegian prices I don’t really give a monkey anymore xD

I see it. I see the trolley at the far side of the plane. Come to me. Come to me my precious.

IT WAS A SNACK CART NOT A DRINK CART! Oh woe my life. The drink cart is the next one and its advancing soooooo slowly~ Dying of thirst over here. 

However the clouds below are forming in a strange pattern; in ordered rows, one after the other. Anyone know what might be  happening on the water surface to make this funky pattern? It’s cool :3

Two mouthfuls of Orange juice obtained for €2! Okay, maybe a tad expensive, but I was thirsty so… it took a while to pin down a stewardess, the lady next to me has requested a panini at least three times and has only just actually got an order in. It’s like a bloody pantomime, I almost didn’t have to pay for my drink because the lady forgot. My conscience however would not allow me to deprive them of their money so I pulled another woman down and paid, am I good person or what? 

I think I’m in love with the lovely lady next to me. She succumbed to buying a lemonade whilst she waited for her panini, but upon tasting it she did not like it and gave me the rest. Despite it only being a mouthful or so because the cans are so teeny, the gesture moved me. Anyone offering free food holds a place in my heart. She’s growing a firmer place in my heart every second.

I’m only a chapter or so into the book Christopher recommended to me, Name of the Wind by Patrick Rossfuss, or something. 


We’re landing in 20 apparently 🙂

Why is England so damp and humid? And it’s not cold, I have been betrayed.

Once we landed the kind old lady helped me get my bag down after I passed her hers, which was nice of her. I then went in circles around the airport, only stopping to take photos of the sunset on the airport through the windows. Quite a pretty sunset. It’s a shame the window was too dirty to take a decent photograph out of, I would have liked to share it with you all. 
Finally I stumble across the border control of the English side of the waters. Two loud men are directing the flow of humans through a maze of queue holders. 12 and understand through one way, and everyone else through the automatic way. I saw this automatic passport control back in Febuary but then the age limit was 18 so I couldn’t test it out. However, being forced to use it made me question, what about those with the old passports? They don’t work on these new fangled machines? Do those people just have to suffer in silence and never enter the country?
Either way, I entered the queue only to find I had caught up with the nice lady from.the plane. We carried on our conversation up to the flashing gate of sacrifice and we went our separate ways through different gates. “Race you through the gate!”  she said, in.her final last words to me. The machine refused to recognise my face, I don’t think I was doing it right though because I had no clue what I was doing. This disaster resulted in the lady winning the race and me never seeing her again, walking the path of shame past the other passengers up to the human on the gate. I smiled brightly at all who I passed, hoping I’d make an impression on them our something, I don’t know.

I’m now standing outside, after eventually escaping the airport, waiting for my dad to call and tell me which car park he’s in our which bus stop he’s at, so I can catch a free bus and run into his arms. He’s late again so he hasn’t arrived and parked yet.

I just got on the bus to the ‘Midstay and Free Set Down’ car park. I asked my father which stop he was at and he just said mid stay… helpful dad helpful. I didn’t realise that ‘set down’ was an actual stop and had to suffer an awkward and embarrassing conversation with the bus driver to where I wanted to go. I said mid stay car park, apparently it has bus stops in. She quizzed me for a solid 3 minutes until deciding that I wanted to be at the set down point.

I had a mild panic that I needed a bus stop number after the old could on the bus got off at bus stop 7. I hate public transport, especially buses. When Larry comes here I’m going to go met him, I got confused and I’m English.

00:34 (English Time)
So. Tired. It’s almost 2am in Norwegian time, and the actual presence of darkness is now screwing up my internal clock.

I had fun, my only 2 regrets being not staying longer and not taking more money. It would be a privilege and an adventure to go again in the future. But maybe the far future when I have some kind of job. Yes. Money.

I hope you enjoyed this trip and we’ll join me in the next one as well! I might blog Larry’s time in England in two weeks, maybe. Till next time!


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