Night of the Party: Norway #6

So someone actually mentioned that we should be awakening around 9/10 this morning to get morning ice cream so I set an alarm! Aren’t I a cover clogs~ However I reaally need a pee and someone’s in the shower. In addition the shower is right next to my room so it’s making lots of lovely water noises, which doesn’t help my need to pee.

I believe today’s plan is to go and have icecream with Christian and other scary new people, yay! I think we’re also going to go bowling, once again I hope they don’t mind my camera.

Carol is cleaning in the kitchen and Larry is nowhere to be seen! And Logan the cat just tried to enter a cycle of the dish washing machine, I doubt he would have enjoyed it. Not entirely sure what to have for breakfast, I might make actions which look like I’m hunting for food… or just skip breakfast. I REALLY need to work on my social awkwardness…. like seriously. Anyone know how to fix it? Cause I’m just a smol awks turtle bean right now! Sitting on the couch with mah flag~ I’m certain the flag isn’t going to fit in my bag, which is sad…. I like my flag.

I did it! I made myself a nutella sandwich for breakfast, you proud of me?! I am. I wasn’t judged which was cool.
I have been informed Larry had a work emergency but will be back in about an hour. Coolio~ Explains the sudden disappearance of a human after I heard the shower turn off! And I think the teeny kitten is still sulking about being sprayed with water yesterday. He’s very subdued, doesn’t want to play and allowed himself to be picked up and petted. Poor little floof ball~

Still just Carol and I. If I’d have known he wouldn’t be back before now I would have gone for a walk along the river or something, oh well. I have however figured out the roommate situation. Before coming here Larry said he had a roommate, but upon my arrival she was no where to be seen. BUT THE MYSTERY HAS BEEN SOLVED! The roommate left cause the girlfriend is moving in… I think. If the two are related I’m unsure, but if I connect the dots I think that’s what happened. Fair enough I suppose. 

Carol is unpacking her boxes around the flat, and as it neared lunch time I started to think about food. I knock on Carols door and ask if she’d like a sandwich or anything for lunch, she said she was alright. Therefore I tottered into the kitchen and made myself a salami sandwich, using a different salami to the soapy one I had the other day. It was pretty good, even Loki wanted some. Which I did not, however I did offer my finger that snelt of delicious meat. Kitty tried to eat me, it was adorable.

So I guess we aren’t going for morning ice cream? Larry just rang to say he’s picking up a friend and going out for food… it’s past lunch time so I suppose he won’t be back until after dinner time? I don’t know. I want icecreammmm~~~ If someone had told me he wouldn’t be back for hours I could have at least gone and taken pretty photos! Sad 😦

Still want to see the Telemark Canal, but I don’t know if we’ll ever have time… or if Larry will be about to take me there…show me where it is…. At least when I went to Italy we went for walks and stuff..? Bored~

I think today is the party day… Facebook just reminded me. I thought it was cancelled because all the messages said they’d be in Sweden however I just double checked and there are about 6 people said they’re coming. Maybe today is party day. Huh. Still want ice cream though xD

It smells like delicious food right now… I don’t know what she’s cooking but it smells gooood. Maybe chicken related, she said she had a lot of chicken… and asked me if I liked chicken. I love chicken!

So Larry came back with a friend at about quarter past five and then took Carol and left again, leaving me alone with… let’s call him Mario. I slurp my noodles on the floor whilst we watch X Factors best and worst YouTube videos, neither of us reaching to change the programme when it repeats consistently. Worried that Carols noodles may get bloated I tip half the liquid out of the pan and into the sink. I then return tot the floor to eat my noodles like a child, face practically in the bowl to avoid a mess. I would have held my bowl normally however the soup made it too hot to hold the bowl, leaving me with the appearance of a child. I thought I split the noodles half and half, however I think Carol may have got the better side of the deal. 

No idea where the lovebirds disappeared off to, but when they came back, and once Carol had eaten some noodles, Larry looked at me and asked if I’d been to the supermarket. Why would I go to the supermarket I wonder? Mario pipes up enlightening to me that he wants to know if I’ve been to buy alcohol yet. Obviously I hadn’t as I’d already forgotten the party was tonight! ALCOHOL! LET’S GO! The boys exclaim as they speed down into the car, leaving Carol and I hunting for money and ID. We find it and follow the boys in a run.down into the car.

It’s not a far drive to the supermarket, only about 7ish minutes drive. But Larry informs me to talk to Mario should I want any hard liquor because they have a 20+ limit on any alcohol higher then (I think) 21%… it around that anyway. Honestly, I’m such a light weight that if I brought hard liquor I most likely would finish it before leaving. If I spend a small fortune on alcohol I don’t want to.just abandon it! So I said I was okay, didn’t want hard liquor. After parking the car, we trail inside. I notice lockers on the wall when.we enter, a place to store your stuff if you have too much. I like that idea, it’s cute. 

The liquor store had gates you had to pass through, like the school turnstiles at school, very fancy. The boys ran off like kids in a candy store, leaving Carol to lead me to where she thought the alcohol I could buy was. I was kind of hoping for something I know to call out to me however, surprisingly, it was all in Norwegian. Or brands I didn’t recognise and the alcohol type in Norwegian. I stared blankly at the prices, Carol wasn’t buying because she was broke. Fair enough. The boys came over and stared to recommend to me alcohols to try, but I wasn’t really feeling it. Alcohol is expensive dude~ I was tempted just to buy some Smirnoff but it was flavoured and I wasn’t willing to fork out to try it. The boys both brought some Valhalla Møjt (or something) I tried it later and discovered it was actually quite nice! I’d buy one if I could take liquids on the plane, oh well. Cool bottles as well! 

A guy named Paul and his girlfriend (we shall call her Shelly) arrived not long after they got back. Whilst they jabbered away in Norwegian I just admired Shellys rad sense of style. Kinda gothy with spikes and stuff, but also a slight hint of cute in the rainbow knee highs and garters. Wish I had that kind of dressing talent, but I’d be deemed an absolute dweeb for dressing like in England. Not that I care that much, but I prefer comfy over cute…. garters and spikey chokers don’t make it onto the ‘Things That Look Comfy’ list.

We had party, but now I’m sleepy and will write in the morn. Too late right now.

11:50 (the next day)
It’s raining! First bit of rain I’ve seen the entire time I’ve been here!!

Honestly? I spent most of the beginning of the party sipping water, feeling intrusive and not understanding a word they were saying in Norweigan. We watched Mall Cop 2 until about 7pm, not the best movie but still. I could have warned then.that Mall Cop was kind of mediocre but I was still in my, I have no alcohol and I don’t know these people phase. It was a little funny at the end, but I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it in cinema. 

At 7pm, we decided to play some games! Yay! Games! Well… they said let’s play games but then stood up, sat down, disappeared, came back, turned on music, generally leaving me in a state of confusion as to where to go. Carol sat first and started sorting cards, a few monutes later joined by Shelly who helped. None of the boys made a move, so I attempted to stand and play with the kittens between the sofa and the table, where the game was going to be at. When my safety net escaped and no longer wished to play, I slunk into the end chair next to Shelley. Carol informed me that we must drink if we lost a round of CAH, and as I didn’t have a drink she shared hers with me. She had Pisang Ambon, it tasted like the foamy banana sweets, which we poured into shot glasses for later.
 Larry and Paul came over, talking in Norwegian, noticing me sitting at the table end they pointed a lil bit and then I heard ‘Guest of Honour’. I wasn’t sure what the flip flap they were on about until everyone sit down, away from the table ends. It felt super awkward sitting at the head of the table so I moved my chair around the corner to sit next to Paul. There wasn’t enough room to not hit the table leg but I was to awkward and sober to request him to move up. 

First up was Cards Against Humanity, the one I aced the other day. I won three rounds, which I was very proud of myself for. I also gained 4 cards from Mario when he left, when he shared out the cards he had won. The drinking section of the game was quite quickly forgotten, and everyone just started to drink whenever they felt like it. Carol stopped drinking entirely, and somehow I gained possession of the bottle, I limited myself so I didn’t drink it all. I’m not that cruel. Anyway. The crude fashion of CAH meant my awkwardness leaked away and I got more comfortable with the group. They also began to speak less Norwegian and more english so I could actually understand the conversation. Paul and I shared giggle cards with each other, which loosened the tension. 

When CAH died out we started Monopoly. It had been years since I played monopoly and I couldn’t remember the rules, I only ever remembering my brother taking the entire board and winning every Christmas. Paul kindly gave me advice on which tiles were the best to buy, and also reminded me every time someone stepped on my cards. I was so distracted by life that he ended up reminding me pretty much all the time, leaving a running joke that we were husband and wife, until he went bankrupt and joined the war, leaving me alone without children. His only inheritance were properties on the west side. I may have struck a chord with Shelly though… I don’t think she appreciated me stealing her boyfriend for a game…. but she was cool. No harm. We still friends. 

After Shelley went bankrupt a new person came in. A person I knew! We shall call him Christopher! Larry introduced me to the man a few years ago and we talked about books. We stopped talking after my laptop stopped running Hearthstone, which was a game the two had got me into. Also a game I sucked at, but still. It was awesome seeing him, and he was super nice. Also VERY tall… like taller then Larry tall. At least a head and a half taller then me. He watched us play, then watched me go from winning to losing after Larry brought 3 hotels and leeched all our money. After losing, Christopher recommend a book to me that I quickly downloaded to read on the plane. The game didn’t carry on much further because it was clear Larry was going to win. So we packed up and crashed on the sofa with the kittens. 

Everyone started talking in Norwegian again so I got out my kindle and started to check Facebook and instagram. Christopher was interested in what I was doing so I let him have free roam of my gadget, praying he wouldn’t find you guys or this diary. I showed him my numerous photos of uncomfortable foods, which distressed him. Things like beans and yogurt, beans in a corc, toothpaste on toast and an inside out P&J sandwich, he did not appreciate. Kindle resources drained he started translating the conversation for me. BOY IS IT NICE TO KNOW WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING! Granted I could.make no contribution, but it was sweet of him to do so anyway. I’m under the impression he is better at english then the rest, he sounded a lot more fluent but maybe that was just me. 

The next game we played was a little confusing at first, but I slowly grasped the idea. Something to do with werewolves… there where a bunch of Cards with ‘roles’ on which everyone is given one of. You look at your role and tell no one. There are a few teams trying to either save the wolves or kill the wolves. An app is played which tells you what to do when everyone is asleep and when you wake up the cards have moved but you don’t know where to. You then have to guess where the wolves are and kill the wolves, or save the wolves if you’re on the wolf team. They changed the cards at one point and I forgot, so I lied and said I was a villager… they all looked at me blankly and said that there were no villagers. Luckily I managed to play my bad lying and dumb mistake down as tricking them into killing me. I had no idea what was going on and I mostly proved useless. Sorry. I can just add it to my list of games I suck at!  😀

Everyone abruptly left just after 3, which threw me. In England if our parties pass midnight we just sleep on each other’s couches. Maybe that’s not a thing here. Christopher gave me a hug before he left and wished me a safe flight. He’s a sweetie, he can stay if he ever comes to England.

Honestly no one got massively drunk, which was honestly quite good because I was worried about making a tit out of myself, or puking drunk. I hate puking drunk, it’s awful. It was pretty chill, my kinda party. However Larry kept assuring me that his parties were normally wilder… for me though, last night was a pretty chill party. I met nice people, and I met a person I knew. We had fun games and I found an alcohol that tasted like candy. What more do I need from a party?


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