ICE CREAM: Norway #7

(Photos to by added later~)

Opps, didn’t blog this morning cause I was writing up last nights happenings! Ekkk~

I woke up at about half 11, snuck a pre in the loo and then wrote up last nights blog entry which took me about an hour. I heard voices in the kitchen at around half 12 so I silently got dressed and toddled in and said hello. Collapsing onto the sofa we did nothing for a moment, still tired from our late night last night. As a team we decided to do what we couldn’t do yesterday morning and have icecream, YASSSS ICECREAM BOIS~! Whilst waiting for Christian to arrive, he’s having ice cream with us too, Larry kindly shared his pizza with us as lunch. One slice each~ As it was so late there didn’t seem much point in having breakfast, so we skipped and just had brunch!

Christian appeared at the front door not long after, and we settled down for an episode of Doctor Who…. or at least we tried but the controller was spazzing out so we just went for ice cream early instead! Apparently the best ice cream is not in Skien, so we drove about 15 minutes, past a strawberry farm, to a little place called Brevik. Brevik is a gorgeous little coastal sailing town in the South of Norway, which has an excellent selection of ice cream. We parked over a bridge and walked back over the bridge to get ice cream, I started to take a couple of photographs over the bridge and Christian immediately took notice and started to point out nice places to take photographs from, which was super cool. Most people seem to get weirded out by the whole touristy ‘Take Pictures of Everything’, or in my case ‘OMG EVERYTHING IS SO PWETTY’, so it was nice to be encouraged to be a tourist. 

We trotter into one of the two ice cream shops I could see and awkwardly stand in line. Peering round Larry I start to play Guess the Flavour, when Christian once again helps me out and starts to translate the flavours he knew as best he could. We weren’t sure about some of the odd looking flavours, however popcorn flavoured ice cream rather took my fancy. Popcorn? In ice cream? How peculiar. So obviously I must try it. Just as I’m about to launch into the charades game with the ice cream lady, Christian ONCE AGAIN comes to my rescue. Dude’s a bloody life saver, such a sweetheart. If I’ve learnt anything about Norway this week; it’s that the men are crazy lunatics I wouldn’t want to babysit but also quite the charming gentlemen when occasion calls, a curious mix. He kindly orders me ice cream, a single scoop in a tub because I was taken no chances with the prices I couldn’t see. It cost £2.50 in English equivalent, which although I thought was a little expensive for a single scoop Larry said was cheap. It was some hella good ice cream though, I’m impressed. Check it out if you ever pass by Brevik, it’s good~ Larry and Christian both order massive cones with a multitude of ice creams in, at least two fist sizes… my fist sizes… they were £7.50 which honestly actually sounds quite reasonable. I’m surprised I’m saying that but that’s not a bad price for that much ice cream, you can’t even order a cone that big in England, I swear down. Pretty cool. 

I savour it in small bites, little bits at a time, until it’s all gone. The others are still eating but we decided to go outside anyway and enjoy the good weather. Remembering that I was being a complete tourist Christian directs us to the other side of the bridge, passing a good view of the water. We play around as we walk further up the hill to the church where there is a nice view over the water and the large bridge. Again, super pretty. The boys mess around with sticks, trees, their secret romantic relationship they won’t admit. I’m joking. Larry and Carol are a lovely couple. Awh, Carol said something awesome on the way back. She started with talking about me taking photos of her and Larry, now this is normally the part where they say “Hi, yeah, delete them please I don’t want them on the internet I might get stalked and die omg.” or something. It’s happened before. However she asked if i could send any couple photos I had of them for an album she’s making. If I’d have known you’d like couple photos I would have not avoided invading your privacy more! Damn. She could of got some hella cute couple photos if I was traumatised by over dramatic privacy freaks who hate cameras! Boo~

We spent a little over an hour there before driving back to the house and settling down to watch Doctor Who. After hanging out with Christian today, I realise how much more comfortable I am in Norway. I hardly talked when I first met him, but now I’ve got used to the accent and I’ve met more people, I can actually converse and understand. I think we made friends, I’ll track him down on Facebook and add him! 

When we got back to the apartment we settled down to watch the latest Doctor Who. Christian left to have dinner at home not long after, it was sad to see him go,  he’s a pretty cool dude. The rest of the day stayed fairly similar, only breaking to order pizza. I’ve eaten a lot of pizza this week! It was Takeaway Tuesday so all the medium pizzas were £10, I treated myself and went for a BBQ chicken pizza, nothing can beat BBQ chicken! It was a pretty solid pizza. 

It’s still light out so I shall read for a little while. Larry has work tomorrow morning so I might shower and then go for a walk. Apparently the Telemark Canal is not far away on the other side of the river, so I might go there. And find a convenience store to buy some.Nordic sweets in. That’s my plan anyway, we’ll see how it goes tomorrow! 🙂

Despite being broke as fudge and having a few awkward silent days I’m going to be quite sad to leave tomorrow. Despite its… prices… it’s an absolutely gorgeous country and Larry’s friend were all absolute darlings. We didn’t do as much as I normally seem to be doing when I travel, but I still enjoyed myself and had fun. I’m so glad I FINALLY met the stranger from the internet I’ve known for so long and I not regret in the slightest… okay maybe a little for not raising more money… but I know for next time! Then I don’t need to be as worried about money as I have been occasionally this week. I hope I can come back here one day when I’m not such a lightweight alcohol drinker and when I have a bit more money. I like the idea of doing some kind of bicycle/camp tour of countries, can you do that in Norway? I might check out the north of Norway as well, to see what’s different. Either way, I would like to return here one day for a little longer perhaps. It’s a pretty snazzy country. I look forward to seeing Larry in England in a few weeks. Join me tomorrow for my flight back, and in a few weeks for adventure in my own country! YAYAYAYAYAYYYY!!!


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