A Lazy Day: Norway #5

(Photos to be added later…)

Good morning world~ I’m here greeting you with my heat riddled body. My shoulders are on fire, slowly crisping up, and my face is warm enough to give me a.light headache. Sunburn sucks. On the.bright side, I woke up today of my own choice! I’m gonna go pee and then curl up on the couch like a happy potato. Assuming that I’m not the last one up… I hope I’m not the last up, don’t wanna look like a lazy bum.

Dressed and packed!! Charging my kindle so I have enough charge to finish writing yesterday’s blog. I was waaaay to tired and worn out to finish writing it, so I’ll do that on the ride back and publish it this evening. Therefore you get two in one day!! Yay~~

Movements are being made in which one assumes we are leaving soon. Larry came and had a short conversation with me about my flight on Wenesday and the difference of mountains in England and Norway. England’s highest mountain is just under 1000m, where as Norway’s is closer to 1800m! I offered my help but I don’t think it was heard, so I am just sitting on the couch reading like a lazy bum. The masses of movement are making me a little awkward sitting and doing nothing, but there’s nothing I can do… oh well.

Back in Skien, less traffic today because it was a Sunday therefore it only took around 2 hours to drive. We stopped off at a petrol station a few miles out of Arendale and Larry brought us all hotdogs. Free lunch, yes boo~ 

Again the kittens mewed their tiny little hearts out the entire ride back, despite Carol sitting in the back with them! Lasting scenes of forests and mountains trailed us the entire journey, only interrupted by patches of blue, sparkling lakes. Norway is so fudging pretty. Seeing as I see so many of these things, I asked for the translation of a couple of words. Tree is trheyh (or sounds like). Stone is stein (or sounds like)! Look at me learning new words~ yay ^^

I have been blessed with a Norwegian flag. Apparently if the flag touches the floor I must BURN IT… that’s a new tradition for me! Rather patriotic, but if so I will have to burn ALL the flags! I don’t know if I can keep this flag…. I think I can… but sadly I doubt it will fit in my bag… boo~

Sleep time, an early night compared to the others. We didn’t do much today, mainly watching Youtube and anime. We had lasagne for dinner, homemade (and excellent if I may add), which the kittens very much wanted to eat. I’m certain the teeny one is a cheese addict. Do any of you spray water at your pets if they are naughty? Well they do that here, spray them that is. And the teeny kitten is still too young to quite realise the horror of the water bottle, so after about a million attempts to eat lasagne from peeps plate the poor thing was verging on drenched. It was very confused why it couldn’t eat the delicious cheesy goodness, and instead kept getting squirted with cold water whenever it was presented by the weird humans. Why else would it be on the big circle thing? Is the circle thing not a sitting place for a kitten to eat from? AND THEN the tall human BLOCKED OFF the passage behind the big warm box with moving pictures…. worst day ever for the teeny kitten, Loki.
Otherwise we spent the rest of the night watching anime, Little Witches Academia. It’s quite a cute anime on Netflix, I thought I’d seen it before but I think I just saw something similar. I let Carol and Larry try one of my pear drops, he didn’t say but I don’t think Larry is a fan. Fair enough… they’ve started to taste a bit chemically over the years… which is a shame. But I still love them.

I think tomorrow we will meet up with the guy I met when we arrived and some others, have some ice cream and then go bowling. I hope they don’t mind my mad photo taking…. I like photographs :3


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