The March Alone: Norway #2

Knock knock knock. A soft knocking sound pulls me awake. Is that my door? A moment of silence passes. Knock knock knock. That’s my door. It’s already light outside, throwing off my internal clock. This I’d what the lady on the plane meant by it hardly gets dark. Unsure, I swish my blankets to test if the knocking is really meant for me. “Hey Alice, are you awake?” Yup. Definitely. Someone knocked on my door. “Can you so my car keys in there?” Scanning the room I reply no. A quick thanks is murmured and the sound of urgent footsteps walks away. I start to put my bra on to go and help to look, he should have left an hour ago, my arms barely through the arm straps before he returns and repeats the question. Speeding up my process of becoming decent before 7am, I open the door to let him double-check, moving past him to help him search. 20 minutes later we have no results. No car keys. Well damn.

Suddenly he remembers he is sharing house with me for a week, I can lock the door behind him. Grabbing the spare key, he spins out of the door, apologies for waking me up falling from his lips. As I lock the door behind him I totter back to bed. The door of my room is to be kept shut to keep the kittens from scratching up his guitars, but the lack of airflow has made the room quite toasty. Opening a window, I stare down into the green foliage, I realise we’re on a hill… which would be cool if you could see past the foliage. It’s almost too light to sleep, and after finishing my blog post last night, I found out this room doesn’t have curtains. I’m gonna be so sleepy at my welcome party tonight, I think it’s tonight… might be tomorrow night. If Norwegian drinking is anything like Larry has described, I’m so dead. Not only have I a weak stomach for alcohol, alcohol just makes me sleepy. One can only hope they go easy on me, fingers crossed.

It’s so light, it’s hard to sleep. I worked out that last night’s dinner cost 120 Norwegian Krone, which is about £12. Damn. Expensive. Maybe we won’t have to go out to eat everyday? *prays* Defo gonna have to double-check how much I have in my bank today.

This is more like bad napping. I’m so tired though, but it’s way too light outside. I think there’s an exchange rate of 3% if I take money out of the bank, and a minimum of £1. That makes it so that I should take out about £34 minimum right? Should I do that today? I think I worked out that if I have £13 a day and 2 days without cost… I should be okay.

Okay. So the plan is, wait it out until Saturday and if it looks like I’m gonna need more dollar, I’ll search for a VISA ATM and see if I can withdraw cash. No use worrying about what’s to come.

New thought. If there’s only about 6 hours of darkness in Norway right now.. does that mean on the other side of the world, they only have 6 hours of daytime?! That’s like.. 18 hours of darkness. Apocalyptic much.

I have a rough plan of what to do today~ First we’re going to have a wander to Brekken Park which is about 15 minutes or so walk from here. Looks like a cute place for photos. Next we’ll toddle back and check out the docks, cause they looked super pretty when we drove past yesterday. That should take till lunch time. Depending on if I can find something to wrap sandwiches in or not, I’ll either come back to the apartment or waddle up to some old ruins I saw on the map. Some more photos and then it might be about time for Larry to be returning home, so I shall go back to the apartment and watch Netflix or something. God knows how to work a TV remote, because I certainly don’t!

I’m gonna head out at 11, that seems like a decent time of the day to venture out into the unknown. Also enough time to let me know if I reheated yesterday’s kebab enough to eat and digest. Yes, I’m aware that reheating a kebab, it’s more of a wrap really, is not recommended… but it cost me £12, it’s gonna be finished. Breakfast was fairly short, more time spent swatting away the furry kittens, so they didn’t eat my food, then eating. In this time I also added Larry’s girlfriend Carol on Facebook, the fact that she is an awesome human bean has been confirmed. Dude. I don’t wanna say anything due to the off-chance this blog is discovered, but holy heck she’s talented. She’s making a really cool item for Larry’s birthday in August, I want to be Larry. So many girlfriend goals. Omg.

I also got confused over the multitude of bins in the kitchen. In England we have two bins, general waste and recycling, sometimes a box to store bottles and stuff in. It depends upon your height of class. Anyway. Apparently in Norway, tying in with their love of nature, there are about 6 bins. Now I remember Larry telling me what to put in each, however… that was about 11 hours ago. And I’m tired. Which bin does aluminum foil go in?! Carol said she thinks it is the white bin, and I’m assuming Lars has made the colours resonate with the right rubbish type, I have no idea. My ball of aluminum foil is now sitting in the bin with the white bag. Could be wrong, could be right. Either way, the kittens will probably have taken it out of the bin for playtime, by the time I return to the apartment. I wouldn’t be surprised.


I’m lost. Larry said that the Norwegian government was stingy, but could they at least invest in decent street signs? I went to Brekkeparken which was super cool, and uber pretty. It had a bunch of 17th century wooden Nordic houses taken from around the country. I didn’t buy a ticket so I couldn’t look inside, however I did have a few cheeky peeks in through cubby holes in the wood. Didn’t see much. Oh well.
Wait I think I’ve found the place I’m looking for. Awesome.
Anyway, the solid buildings look like the stereotypical log cabins out of a fairy tale, I felt like I had stepped into some sort of fantasy world. If you ignored the signs telling you about each building anyway.

DSC_7844 copy.jpg

The walk to the park was not as complicated as I thought it would be, the steep hill was not quite a nightmare but I did find myself short of breath. There are a heck ton of hills here, if I haven’t lost weight when I get back to England I’ll be surprised. I walked around the park for a couple of hours and admired the pretty house and cute views of the town through a giant fence bordering the property. Impressive and ornate houses lined the road, and I say road because pavements are another scarcity in Norway. Definitely the town of well off people. Or at least from my perspective.

Before I explore this new place I think I’m going to have lunch. An old lady just asked if I was cold, it’s mild sorry. I had to walk up another hill to get here and my ears aren’t adjusting to the change in height. Anyone know a good method to pop ears? Also I’m running low on water. Damn.

My classy crisp and pepperoni sandwich has a slight soapy taste and I’m not sure why. Fascinating.

Definitely soapy.

Well… that was less exciting then the internet promised… unless I’m missing something, which is always possible. I finished off my soapy sandwich and continued up the trail towards the stone building. Kapitelbergvegen was the destination of my choice. The ends of a stone building alone on a hill-top surrounded by urban houses, two smokers lounge within the stone work with their dog, moving away from me so I could not hear their Norwegian conversation. I mean it probably would have been cooler if I was able to read the explanation sign… but the language barrier once again stumped me. When I get back to the apartment for a water restock, find a new map with new places and check if Larry or anyone needs me because I don’t have internet. However this is all assuming that I can navigate the map down the hill… everything looks different the wrong way round, plus I didn’t screenshot a map from the stonework to the apartment. This will be fun!!!

I can still taste soap.

I had to brush my teeth to be rid of the taste of soap, I think it worked.

Walking down the hill was a lot less effort then walking up, I must say. It’s also slightly cooler at the top of the hill in comparison to the bottom. Waddling down.the road and round the corner into his flat, I felt a great relief at finally being able to rest my feet.

My adventure around the town only got more exciting as I went along. I went back to the apartment and filled up my water bottle, only to then decide to completely leave my bag in the flat. An adventure isn’t an adventure unless you don’t know what you’re doing! Leaving shortly after the cats decided my shoelaces were edible, I headed down the hill into the center of town. I was curious what Norwegian shops looked like, as well as the ornate church I’d seen at the top of the hill. Turning on my trash pot of a playlist I ambled down the hill, camera in tow. I wandered past the river, saving the best for last, taking photos of everything in case I got lost. Only one word can describe the shops I discovered, average. But then again, this is a fairly average Norwegian town… couldn’t they have at least put a giant or a troll in charge of the supermarket? I know they’re here somewhere. The fantasy buildings have already been shown to me, where are my fantasy creatures?! I’m joking of course, I don’t expect them to reveal themselves to a Brit like me.

The church was not open, but I toddled around the outside of it staring wide-eyed at the pretty, red decorative exterior. It was then that I saw the first and only homeless guy I’ve seen in Norway, it’s almost ironic that he was sleeping in front of the church. It just goes to show that even in a rich, clean and green country, poverty still happens.

DSC_7932 copy.jpg

Somewhere along the way I lost an ear bud from my head phones, a tragedy I know, so now I have to survive the week with only one ear of music! Refusing to be discovered, I gave up looking for it and instead walked next to the river until a large group of drunk men singing and shouting scared me back up the hill. They looked harmless, but people are scary. I think they may have also been competing with the poor little norwegian folk group who were singing away a few paces down the street, only to be drowned out by excited Irish pub football men.

DSC_7947 copy.jpg

Trudging back up the long road I attempted to discover a place Larry told me about yesterday. Some sort of staircase, with lines of a poet engraved in each individual stair. It sounded awesome, but that also couldn’t be found. It may have been further along from where I went but the house with smashed in windows freaked me out a little. The crazy ladies house with knife marks stabbed into the door didn’t phase me, nor did the drug dealers house. Smashed in windows are freaky as.

I’m now sitting on the sofa watching the kittens doze off into an afternoon nap. I’m tempted to do the same as my lack of sleep last night is catching up with me and I still can’t remember if this wild party is meant to be tonight or tomorrow night. I’m excited to meet new people, and if they’re anything like the guy yesterday I’m sure they’ll be lovely with a dash of crazy thrown in, but I’m also painfully aware of my awful drinking skills. I can’t do shots and I can’t do large quantities of high percentage liquor. I don’t mind mixed drinks, but shots make me puke. Would they think me weird if I puke? Or is puking a normal part of their parties? Larry said that they drink everything at the start instead of slow and steady…. all I do is slow and steady. My sister says I drink like an adult, I use the words  ‘old man’. I’m gonna die. Omfg.

I need a bloody nap.

Good nap… wish it was longer… but Larry returns in an hour… I might sneak in another 15 but I’d probs look super weird if he came back and I was dead to the world at 6pm… 15 more minutes.

Of course I period bled on my favourite shorts! I thought it had ended, an entire day without blood and it leaks out when I napping, how wrong had I’d been. I’m still tired, but I think I’ll survive. I get sleepy when I’m drunk anyway so I’ll probably just fall asleep on someone before too much alcohol is consumed. Hopefully. I might read for the next 45 minutes, I don’t think I have the mental strength right now to figure out how a TV works xD

I could have napped for longer~

It’s official, I’ve been added to the 7 man Facebook event page. Party is in 25 minutes. Event page was put up like… 4 hours ago and Larry still isn’t back. Please pray for my liver, I hope they’re chill if I don’t drink masses…. like give me a beer and I’m good for an hour. I can’t chug and I can’t do shots, pretty much anything else is fair game. I’m so gonna die. Help. What if someone turns up at 7pm and Larry still isn’t home? O.o

Update. Larry won’t be home till 20:30 so party is delayed. I need food omfg. Looks like I’m eating crisps for dinner~ I was probs meant to go buy dinner but I can’t work up the energy to go into town and find food! Oh well~ Maybe Larry has some nosh I can eat in a cupboard~

He has nutella… NUTELLA SANDWICH! Shame there are no bananas…. nutella and bananas makes a good sandwich. I’m gonna do great at university I can tell.

I’m probably going to go back to napping after this, 30 minutes and then see what’s happening. Yup. Good plan.

The Facebook event was just cancelled… is the party still gonna happen? I’m talking to his girlfriend about life, she’s so nice omg. Such a sweetie pie. I can see why he likes her. I think I meet her tomorrow, maybe the day after because we’re going to the beach~ Got my new bikini, still working on the beach bod but who cares! My old costume was bust and the bikini was the only thing I liked that fitted. My small town in the middle of England apparently has no need for things like swimming costumes. I look cute af in it tho.

The party was cancelled and delayed until Monday because Lars got back much later then expected. In a way I’m happy cause there’s less chance of me drinking on an empty stomach and I also get a bit more time to grasp the accent. Not that the accent is strong it’s just, if I’m not listening properly, the words fly right by me.

I think tomorrow we’re going to the zoo, maybe to a water park, and  meeting Carol as well. Not entirely sure what time we need to awaken, but I might set an alarm for 10am, just in case. I hope we go somewhere wet, I need a shower but I’ve not found a reasonable time to ask how the shower works…

Larry got back, tired and got from his long hours of living and his long, slow journey through traffic. He collapsed with kittens in tow, before asking if I had had food. My reply was neither yes or no, technically I’d had a nutella sandwich. Swear down I’m gonna end up eating all his bread. He gave me a can of beans, ham and other bits and bobs to heat on a stove whilst he gave the eldest kitten a walk. Yes. A walk. Logan, however, had other plans and did not want to go for a wall. So whilst I was fretting over whether Larry wanted half the can he gave me (it was a 2/3 serving can), Larry having a battle of laziness with his cat outside. I ate half the pan and then concluded Larry might want some. And in my awkwardness of politeness and worry I dirtied a bowl with a spoon just as he walked back in through the door. Turns out he had already eaten and I was to be eating this 3 man can of food. It wasn’t bad, but it was quite salty and filling. In the end I awkwardly poured some of the brine like liquid down the sink and awkwardly left the unfinished bowl on the side…. I wasn’t sure what to do with the remains… I hope he doesn’t mind and I haven’t done anything rude.

For the next few hours we just watched TV and played with the kittens. Not a lot of talking went on, the fact that both of us are bad conservationists is starting to shine through. It’s not bad awkward silence, and it’s not particularly uncomfortable awkward silence, it’s just noticeable. I don’t think either of us really know what to say in life xD

I’ve also got to think of things to do in the days I have here… Anyone know any cheap, fun things to do in Skein or within an hours drive? Any ideas are appreciated! I don’t know what’s good~


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