Goodbye to Florence: Italy #10

So I almost got a lie in but my dreams of travelling with a talking dog were interrupted by bustling in the kitchen and a small yapping dog outside my room. I pulled myself awake and poked my nose around the door to see what was happening. Natalie was creating some food out of orange mush,  but halted for a minute to pull me in, sit me down and and hand me a bowl of cereal. Special K is apparently available for all italian mums, not just English ones.
Once I finished lapping up the milk at the end of my bowl, the next round is tea. 6 different flavours of tea are offered but I choose the russian strawberry tea. It’s pretty good. However I still look hungry, some people have a resting birch face apparently I have a resting hungry face – cereal bars, croissants and twix bars are lined up before me, ready for the picking.

Apparently the yellow mush Natalie was cooking up was some sort of healthy muffin… thing. I want to say it was sweet potato but I can’t be sure, the limited English just named it as “Food. Eat. Hot.” It may have been the first thing I didn’t like which she cooked, but I ate one anyway. The texture was cakey at first but then gave away to just mush. Plus it tasted like healthiness, not my favourite flavour. Oh well. 

We went out at about 10 to go to the shops and buy some food. It turns out that her rap aim was to buy food for me to cram into my tiny suitcase as gifts for my family. Plus a pile for me to eat for lunch. I need to check whether told not the fit into the guidelines of the airport before I get manhandled at security… I’ll do it later. From the pictures I’m pretty sure I have four packets of parmesan cheese as souvenirs for my family… Italian… I guess. 
The second aim for this impromptu food expedition was pokemon. It’s taken me ten days to realise this but I think my hosts must have a pokemon addiction. It added an extra 15 minutes into our trip but we caught one of the new pokemon which left us with a happy Natalie and an exhausted dog. Good times.

Tired, we arrived home. I helped to change the bedsheets of the bed I was sleeping on, and then reorganised me poor suitcase to shove more items inside its bursting seams. By the time I’d sat on top of the case and forced the zip to shut Lizzy arrived back from school. I can smell lunch cooking right now and it smells heavenly. I’ll double check I have all my tickets and then carry on watching Supernatural.

The bus to Pisa has just started to go and my favourite Bo Burnham song is playing, what more do I need? Maybe the butterflies to go away. Seriously I’m super nervous now. I’m going home right now! That shouldn’t put me on edge! I think it’s more the paranoia that I’m on the wrong bus, despite the fact that the lovely man stamped my ticket. I’m also slightly scared that my bag is going to open in the hold below, I forgot to tie the zips closed… it’ll be fine I’m sure.. if I get to Rome I’ll just have to sight see or something. Man it’s hot on this bus. How is the woman next to me hiding beneath her coat like we’ve entered Antarctica? Italians are wierd.

Omg. I’ve just realised I’ve been tricked. Natalie gave me lunch to eat at the airport… but she’s already given me cheese and salami pasta for lunch earlier. Wow. Sneaky little woman. Plus I’ve just discovered a juice box she snook into my pocket as I boarded the bus *sigh* What are we going to do why her? Honestly.

Also not all of my spotify songs which I’ve downloaded are playing… any ideas? It’s all the good songs as well. Great.

Well I’m not dead yet. Pisa airport is hella confusing though. I had to ask some people, who fortunately knew English, where the heck ideas meant to be going. I got off the bus saw the arrivals point, but no departures. Like heck give me a sign or something. It wasn’t until I found the toilets to drink the quantities amounts of liquids Natalie had secretly stowed through out my luggage that I realised you could get to departures from arrivals. I didn’t know that! I went to the toilets cause I didn’t want to be judged for my underwear and food spilling out from my suitcase. These people may never see me again but the last thing I want is to be known as the underpant-food-whore from the airport. Wouldn’t be my proudest moment. 

Anyway. I didn’t get arrested for carrying pear juice on my person, apparently pear juice is a thing, and use didn’t show the world my panties. Pretty good in my books. Now i just have to wait an hour until my plane starts boarding… airports are boring af, especially when you’re on your own. Sad times bro.

The WiFi here is worse then the WiFi at my old school. It’s also I good thing I noticed that i needed to go to gate 24, up a staircase and through border control. Unfortunately there are zilch to nil seats up here, the only reason I nabbed one was because some nice lady put her kid on her lap so I could sit down. We united during our unfortunate times. I hope my plane starts boarding soon cause I’m bored~ I don’t have the mental effort to read a book and I don’t want to listen to music in case I don’t hear my boarding call. Not that I’d be able to hear it any way over the thunderous racket of languages merging together in an explosion of sound. The positive of being in this new section of the airport is that it’s a few degrees cooler, I’m not going to boil like a dumpling in the pot. 

Also some 8 year old keeps trying to strip next to me… lovely.

Cue the crying temper tantrum because she’s not allowed to become an underage stripper… maybe standing wouldn’t be so bad.

She slapped the child. Jesus Christ she slapped a bloody child. Not like full on face slap, just arm slapping. But still. She slapped a kid. Christ woman. Just tell the kid to shut up or something first.

Ah. Okay. Now we’re distracted by angry birds. Of course.

Yes boi, window seat again! Whilst we were queuing up I took a sneaky look at the seat numbers of the people in front of me, cunningly they were the people sitting next to me on the plane! Coincidence or what!? However I think this plane may actually be warmer then the inside of the airport, have these people not discovered air conditioning yet?

My film comes to an end as the glowing embers of London come into focus through the darkness of the night. The ride back to England has been considerably more comfy, I’m neither stuck in a corner nor being elbowed by a giant of a man. If anything I’ve had both armrests as the couple beside be have been leaning on each other for comfort the entire time. There were some absolutely gorgeous views of the mountains from up here, we flew sideways for a while which offered a very broad view. Now I see a beautiful view of London at night time from high up in the heavens. Man. If only I could take a decent photo for you guys. It’s one of the things I like about planes, you can always get a pretty awesome view from up top.

Btw: if you’re looking for a good travel album I’d recommend The Bright Side by Lenka, it sounds like the kinda stuff you’d get on an ‘Adventure Travel YouTube” backing track. Just a btw.

I arrived safely in England and, humming I Can’t Decide by the Scissors Sisters all the way through border control, I left the airport in one piece. There was a slight panic attack after Dad didn’t answer my calls for half an hour and he hadn’t arrived… but it turned out he was just late setting off. Was terrified he’d forgotten and just abandoned me at the airport, leaving me to somehow travel halfway across London and attach myself to my older brother. 

We didn’t go straight home, hence I’m updating this at an unreasonable hour in the morning, but instead visited said brother for dinner instead. It is then in which we became the most hated customers in the entire restaurant. I’d say sorry, but for once it wasn’t our fault.
We went to this super busy restaurant as it was one of the few decent ones where he lived. We ordered food and my brother ordered a starter. His starter came and then we waited.. and waited.. an hour passed by and we called a waiter over to mention the fact that I was dying of hunger. They apologised and went to find our food. “Sorry, it appears we lost your order in the kitchen change over. We’ll give you free puddings and drinks.” Awesome! I thought. Free food!
Our food came, delicious food I might add, and then we ordered our free pudding. Free pudding is literally the best thing in the world. But when they arrived with our orders they’d got our orders wrong! So we had to go and tell the guy so we could get the right food. Apparently he actually face played at the bar. When we got the replacements you could see how annoyed the guy was when he looked at us. The glower followed us out the door.
We’ve been there before and it doesn’t help that every time we’ve been there they’ve forgotten part of our order or forgotten us entirely… but it’s the nicest place to eat… and we keep getting free food out of it so I’m not going to complain…

I enjoyed my trip to Florence and am thinking about where to go next… slowly cooking up the crazy idea of travelling a few thousand miles to Norway and meeting my 5 year long internet friend… just gotta convince dad I’m not gonna die. What’s the craziest trip you’ve been on, or the craziest thing you’ve done whilst on a trip?!


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