The Nothing Day: Italy #9

I was woken up at half 7 with the presentation of a dog. Obviously I went back to sleep, that is way to early to wake up during a holiday. So after two more hours of kip time I crawl into the shower for a wake up call. Lukewarm pancakes covers in honey, as I didn’t have the mental energy to warm them up, followed by a kinder penguin bar and a drinkable yoghurt. I’ve done not much else since the awakening time, mainly fussing Lada and watching Supernatural. I even made up a song for Lada:

With her widdle tiny nose and her widdle tiny ears,
She’s the cutest widdle doggy in the whole wide world.
With her widdle poofy tail and her big bwown eyes,
I’m gonna shneek her back home cause she’s too darn cwute.

No idea if my lyrics were appreciated but she went asleep on my lap afterwards so…

Lizzy came home late, at around 1:30ish which meant it was too late to go to this… flag football thing in the middle of Florence, especially as we hadn’t yet had any lunch. Oh well. Instead of hitching a ride into the flag zone we instead made lunch – chicken nuggets, salad and chips. Topped off with ice cream and fruit. Then back to the bed for more lazy Sundays. I’m kinda sad that my last full day in Florence is being spent watching Supernatural so I decided to start seeing if I could plan a trip in the months after my exams.

Would it be possible to travel to Norway from England with only £300? I guess not. Maybe.. no idea. I want to see if I could ride my way up from Germany or something, but even then the cost would start racking up. I thought it might be cheaper because it wasn’t in the ‘holdiay’ period, but it’s still quite expensive. I’m probably going to start up a photo selling site when I get home, my teacher said last term that some of my work was good enough to sell and was in the right sort of desirable niche. If I can scrape together half a grand I think I’d be able to get there from one of the more southern countries. I could probably fly in but that would be boring. I have a friend who I’ve never met in the 5 years I’ve known him and I kinda want to go over and meet him. Any tips for travelling alone and cheaply? If I can’t afford it this summer I’ll start saving and go next summer instead… but I want to go on another adventure, you feel me?

So we did go out for a walk at about 4ish, mainly to catch some of the pokemon which were released with the update today. I know where priorities lie. We took Lada with us so she could go for a walk and a poo or whatever, which of course meant we had to keep stopping to sniff all the interesting pee-stained corners in Florence. Due to the catching duties we had to walk the long way round, though alleys and stuff, but we eventually go to the centre. Whilst I started to take stalker photos of tourists (it’s for my a level project I swear) Lizzy told me about the physics she learnt in the lecture she had yesterday. It was about how the dome on Santa Maria del Fiore was created and made – the mysteries behind the intricate and complicated way they made a self standing dome, something to do with lots of chains.

We wandered a little deeper into the centre where we hit the small Il Porcellino market, then followed the sounds of drumming and shouting. Men dressed up in medieval Italian garb marched past us, drummers banged so loud that Ladas ear merged back into her body and we had to hold her to stop her from trembling. Bless. Flag bearers followed on, they seemed to be talking among each other through the haze of flying flags. It was a little off putting, I followed a renactment group last year and the first rule is to always play your part! To make a point most of the photos I took of them just so happened to be when they were talking and pulling silly faces. That’s what you get~

It was starting to get dark and Lizzy was running out of battery. Time to go home.. but not before swerving into the Disney Store. What you think we’d walk past it? Our metal age totals that of a 10 year old. Due to entering a shop we had to pick Lada up, it was my turn, so up she went. She was fine until she saw her self in the mirror, squirming until I was holding her in a baby cradle. My hand went near her butt, the butt we’d seen a tiny bit of poo on earlier. I’m about to correct her so I don’t get covered in doggie do when a lovely couple come over to pet her. A little wiggle closer to the nice people fussing her aaand yup. Poop. I smell the poop. Poop is on my hand. The nice people pull a funny face at me and walk away. Great. Lizzy offers me a tissue where I run the poop away but the smell lingers all the way home.

We get another group of people come and pet Lada whilst she licking a cobblestone. I have the unfortunate realisation that not only do I know that these people are speaking Korean… but I understand the basics of what they are saying. Why is that a bad thing? It highlights how bad my kdrama addiction has got that I can grasp some of the simple words in the language without subtitles. Omg. Help me.

Anyway. We walk back home smelling slightly of poop, or at least I do, and we finally collapse in our browsing positions, dying in the heat of the house. When Natalie comes home she makes us some sort of cheese, salami and sausage pastry. Lizzy called it a pie, but it was more of a Cornish pasty kinda shape. It was a bit salty, nothing water can’t douse, but I had a second helping anyway, can’t say no to tasty food. I was honestly popping when she gave me a profiterole for pudding, it was hard to eat but tasted so good. She also cut up an apple, but that was a lot lighter and there fore easier to eat. I think I’ve gotten better at deflecting food when I’m full, only took me a week.

I read a few more blogs and tried to catch up with all my penpal letters, I’m a week or so behind. I’m falling asleep writing this, so I’m gonna go and crash. At least my flight is in the afternoon tomorrow, not the morning. I hate mornings.


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