Trip to Pisa: Italy #8


I’m verging on awake and crawling back into bed, but I have substance in me now so I’ll live. The short fat pancakes covered on honey have given me a slight sugar buzz to get me through into the living hours, I shall just have to make do until then. Plus there was sugar in my tea which is an absolute atrocity… which I shall silently bear. The vinegar infused sadness I ate last night seems to have worked it’s way out of my system, thank god. As far as I know we are leaving at quarter to 8 in order to catch the train to Pisa. It’s gonna be fun, we can do this.

I have arrived back inside from the Wonky Tower of Pisa, alone. No. My hostess was not mugged and murdered, leaving me to run away back home. She just had a school thing to attend to which sounded awfully boring, she pushed me out of the tram stop near her house with a set of keys and my souvenirs. I struggled to find the button on the inside of the gate which unlocked it and let you near the flat, I half expected someone to come and accuse me of theft or something. It took about 10 minutes to break through the gate but fortunately no one took any notice of the delinquent teenager messing around with big gates.

After breakfast we left the house at 7:20, the train was at quarter to and we needed to get there on time. It was a pretty average walk down to the tram line, catch a lift and then scoot on over to the double decker train. Yes. Two layers. Doubled up. In layers. It was honestly thrilling, I’m slightly disappointed that we didn’t run up to the top layer like little kids, but Lizzy is afraid of heights, what can you do? Time passed as mountains and rivers rushed on by. At around the time of the half hour mark Lizzys friend Ellie joined us, remember her? We sat and chatted the rest if the way until we reached Pisa an hour after our journey started. 
We wandered out the train station, unsure of where to go, until we found a Walking Tour… thing, which had an app directing you across the sights of Pisa on foot. To be honest, Pisa looked a lot more ‘normal’ to me then Florence did. Excluding the fancy spikey church and the massive river, it looked pretty much the same as any city I’d see in Britain. That part was kind of a let down, I think I was expecting more… I don’t know… roman designs. When I was younger my older brother went to Pisa and brought back a sand coloured miniature tower, although I’ve seen images of the tower I convinced my self that the leaning tower was a giant sandy coloured building, not a white one erected in the centre of a bunch of houses. It was kinda cool though, I took some awful photos (I look bad in photos, in not photogenic) of me and some nice ones without me. Hell, I need to get a selfie phone before I travel the world. Doesn’t even need internet, just a decent camera… any recommendations? 
I finally brought some souvenirs, two little Pisa snowglobes – one for me and one for my sister. Snowglobes are awesome you can make little snow storms or a light sprinkling of snow, beaut. We also brought some tickets to go inside the baptistry and the cathedral, we considered going up the tower but a mix of Lizzys height fear and the €18 ticket prices we just stared at it from a distance. The white buildings and blinding sun kept messing with my photos, my aperture and shutter speeds had to be amped up outside and then swiftly suppressed with high ISOs inside, ugh. 

There wasn’t much to do in the baptistry, it was just a big round building with some stuff in the middle. The stairs of death led us to a second floor, peering down on to the tiny figures below, out of breath and very tired. It was vaguely interesting but there wasn’t much to do there. Clambering back down the death stairs, which was nicer going down, we plodded along to the Cathedral. Cathedrals are always nice places to go because they’re very pretty, fortunately I was allowed to take some pictures, unlike in Russia where it was strictly forbidden. We imagined stories for the painted men lining the walls, we dipped our fingers in the holy water and quietly blessed each other’s noses, I accidentally put out an offering candle whilst trying to light my own… Yeah not my best moment.
The last stop we had, ignoring the 80 cent to toilet stop, was at a cemetery. It was quite pretty, lots of statues and paintings of men long passed.  The walls had faded paintings and the statues had fingers missing. There was one grave… box decorated with horses and men, but all the horses faces had at one point fallen off. Poor horses. 

By the time we had finished looking at everything and touching everything, we started the walk back to the train station. We had a bunch of time left so we snook into a coffee stop for a cheeky drink. For a bit of a change I ordered a hot chocolate, I was hot and sunburnt but I didn’t know what cold drinks were on offer. “Liquid or dense?” I get asked… it’s a drink… liquid. The answer seemed obvious, what I silly question I thought, until I received my.. drink. It was kinda like a tasty version of the chocolate pudding sauce you get in primary school. I’m certain that I’d it had been any more dense it would have been a souffle. Over all it was quite delicious, even if different to what I know that chocolate to be. I guess that’s the beauty of travelling though, you get to try new things. 

Outside the station we sat for about half an hour waiting for our train to arrive. We ate our salami and cheese sandwiches followed by a Twix  and washed down with water. We took the train back home and arrive where I started this segment, struggling to open the invincible gate alone.

Greeted by the floof ball I warmed up some of the spicy soup Natalie had made, due to waking up so early my brain decided that 3 o’clock was dinner time. It was spicy with (I’m guessing) potatoes and chorizo plus some other exciting vegetables. Man I want the recipe so bad, I’ll get my brother to write it down for me. This was followed by plain profiteroles. No cream, no nothing. I tried putting nutella in them but it was just too dense, it was missing the cream. When I asked Lizzy later why there was no cream she told me it was because her mother was not very good at doing the right quantity and would always end up with way too much. It was all or nothing. 
Since then I’ve just been chilling watching Supernatural, I’ve finally found out where I am in the series.

Season 7 of Supernatural complete. Hello Kevin.

Lizzy re-emerged from her trip to the library at around 7ish, she ate dinner and then we collapsed on the bed together like we have done everyother evening. There was vague talks about pudding or making the hot chocolate I’d had earlier, but we were both too lazy to move and retrieve them. It was decided that tomorrow we would go the death football match in Florence, I’m still unclear what it is but it sounds like fun. Here’s to hoping I don’t die.

Natalie just arrived back and after retrieving all the washing, she started making us the hot chocolate. I kid you not, I’m sure over gained weight since coming here. It was tasty, as always. Bed is probably in the books soon, I’m tired as heck. I hate mornings.


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