Lazy Day: Italy #5

Today was another lazy morning, Lizzy was at school and Natalie was at the gym when I woke up at 9:30. My second shower of the week, once every two days okay I don’t smell, and then rolling back into bed to watch a couple more episodes of iZombie. I have no idea what the plan for today is, hopefully we will go to a market, if they’re still open when Lizzy comes home.

Natalie got back at around half ten, promptly offering food and drinks in brief, broken English. I only agreed to lemon tea and yoghurt for breakfast, but in addition I got a toasted cheese and sandwich, and the rest of yesterday’s custard pastry. I must constantly look hungry, maybe dad doesn’t feed me enough. With a call to my sister-in-law for translation help Natalie invites me to go shopping for groceries with her. I agree in the hopes of being a helpful guest.
On the walk down to the shop I’m put in charge of catching pokemon, which is harder then I thought as I’m probably the only middle class white girl who hasn’t ever touched the app. Then again I’m also probably one of the few middle class white girls whose phone you could just about trade for a burger and fries at McDonalds. It was fun, I caught quite a few pokemon, even if I did loose a ton of her pokeballs in the process, but she didn’t mind. In the shop we passed by language barriers with the point and nod method. Natalie would point to a food, I’d nod to say I liked it, she would put it in the basket. It wasn’t the most eventful of trips, the most exciting part was probably the privilege of Lada not trying to escape from my arms when we carried her around – you can’t leave dogs out side of shops apparently.

It was fun, but now I’m once again watching iZombie like the adventurous tourist I am. My hosts don’t want me to go out alone, so I have to wait until someone can take me somewhere… Which, although dull, is fair enough. I am still underage in England.

Lizzys arrival home at 12 was promptly followed by lunch. After confirming that we wanted 5 dumplings each, Natalie proceeded to cook 20 dumplings and served them with butter. The chewy wrapping with a tasty meaty filling was delicious. A Russian salad was offered as a side dish, but I’m not a fan of the Russian salads… salads in general really… there hasn’t been one yet which I like very much. If given I would eat out of politeness to avoid embarrassing my host, but given a choice I would normally refuse. Unless I haven’t tried it before then I’m all for it. This main course was followed by the same cream croissant bread which I had on my second or first day, with pear flavoured tea. Despite being stuffed full of food we left straight after lunch with Lada, boarding the tram with gummy snakes hanging from my mouth and chocolates in case we got hungry later. Bless Natalie.

Our trip out was not the most thrilling, we merely took a tram further out of the city, one stop away from Lizzys school. I was told that I needed to get on the tram tomorrow at midday and get off at her school stop because she finished late. Although I took photos of the stop I needed to get off at, I’m doubting my ability remember.
We took a long walk around a park with tees in, and around the graffitied walls of Florences suburban outskirts. To be honest it started to show similarities to England, still Italian in style but the flats and houses occasionally mimicked the flats of England… Albeit a more colourful version of my home country. Lada was scared by a loud barking dog, we saw a cat being taken for a walk in a lead and some 14 year old boys gave me a catcall on the way home. Apparently prepubescent Italian boys dig babyfaced white girls with blue hair. Sweet.DSC_4637DSC_4672

On our way back we talked about weird friends as well as taps. Yes taps. Explaining why the British have a cold tap and a hard tap is hard, especially when you don’t hunt understand why having two separate taps is an issue. If it’s hot turn it down and if it’s not hot enough turn it up, isn’t that obvious? And apparently there is a set direction for hot and cold, hot on the left and cold on the right, does everyone know this? Because in my house the downstairs cold tap is on the left, but the upstairs one is on the right… is this wrong!? I understand the convenience of a single tap, but two taps is fine too. You can get hot water and cold water, I don’t get why it’s wrong! Meh. Whatever. Russians are weird.DSC_4685.jpg

We got home at about 4 o’clock after a few detours into the corner shops on a quest for toothbrushes. The smell of freshly baked cookies wafted out the door as we were ushered into the kitchen for newly baked cookies and tea. I’m slowly becoming aware that this is now a vivid description of the food I’m being given to eat, rather then a travel log. I think I said something similar  yesterday, but it’s true. The sugared cookies were paired with tart blood oranges, which made Lada stop begging for food when I let her lick some of the juice from my hand, silly creature.

I’m now once again heading back to Netflix whilst Lizzy does her homework, man they get a lot of homework here.

Yup. We pretty much played yesterday evening on repeat only with a very sleepy and floppy dog, with a quick intermission of a board game. I believe it was called Potion Explosion, a game which not only includes rolling glass marbles, but little bits of card to balance them on. The instructions were all in German, a language I’ve long since forgotten and one Lizzy hasn’t yet learnt, so I could only rely on the basic knowledge Lizzy has accumulated and the ever so accurate information Google translate presents. Although the game was a little childish, I can name few which aren’t, it was quite fun once I got the hang of it. It was a mix of a board game and one of those matching puzzle games you can find for free in the app store. Although I lost the first time in a tremendous downfall, a scraped a win in the second round before dinner. Go me!
We took our floppy doggy to the kitchen where she immediately perked up at in the hopes of a free meal, not happening sweetheart. Dinner was some sort of shepherds pie… sliced potatoes on top of what I could only called boneless pork chops. It was a bit peppery but otherwise good, it’s all about the simple foods in life.

Both of us curled under the sheets of the bed and Lada once again fell asleep, she has walked far with her widdle tiny legs. An hour or so later Natalie walks in through the door to us both watching movies on our separate gadgets, truly inspirational teenagers in this modern world. As it’s almost midnight we skip the food offerings tonight… heading straight on over to tomorrows breakfast. 3 types of cereal, sea food, yoghurt and a tin full of tea all pulled out of the cupboards just to make sure I wouldn’t starve tomorrow morning. Everyone will be out and I’m expected to catch a noon tram to Lizzys school, wish me luck. Still a little sad we aren’t going to a market, I’d go myself if I was allowed or knew where it was, but alas I shall have to buy souvenirs else where… I also need to send off those postcards at some point… hmm.

Until tomorrow my friends. Until tomorrow.

FYI: the last episode of iZombie has given me the heebie jeebies and I don’t trust the darkness of my room not to contain zombies. Dowh.


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