I Love You Brother Dearest…

So I’ve been watching a couple of kdramas recently, as usual, and there seems to be a bit of a toe curling theme which makes me want to stab things. My fist clenches and my brain cells line up to take a running jump in hope of a swift release. WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH IMPLIED INCEST?!

The two currently airing kdramas I’ve seen with this theme is Golden Pouch and Hwarang. This isn’t just a case of bitter second-lead-syndrome, it’s worse. I can understand why this theme pops up in lightnovels and manga, because it’s purely there so some Otaku can get of on some made up fantasy of his innocent little sister. But this isn’t a creation made for guys to get off on the innocent sister act or the caring big brother act… it’s a drama! A TV series! I just don’t understand.

Let’s start with Golden Pouch as it feels like the lesser of the two evils at the moment. I’m currently on episode 43 at the moment,and although I love this drama it has issues . Skipping the cliché mummy issues and the annoying ex-girlfriend, the recent loving development between Han Seok Hoon and Geum Seol Hwa, as well as the realisation of feelings on Soel Hwas side, are just awkward. Yes, I get that she is 100% aware that he is not her brother and that they are not related. I get she doesn’t want to accept him into the family out of fear of him remembering who he really is… but can’t she at least treat him in a brotherly manner?! The guy believes you are his sister, albeit an adopted one, can’t you take a leaf from your older sister and treat him like a brother? He’s going to hate you when he finds out that you aren’t really related, how’s he going to feel when you confess? How are you going to feel when he finds out? Like JESUS woman, think a moment will you!


Out of the two films I’m watching I shall admit that 20% of Golden Pouch is down to second lead syndrome, Hwarang though… no. Just no. All manners of no. NO.
Okay. Let me spell this out for every one, I can’t guarantee that parts of the plot won’t be spoilt because I’m too angry to care right now. So we have our hero, Bird-Dog (Yes I know, but his name changes so often that this is the easiest to write). Our hero has a best friend who accidentally gets butchered by some snooty guy with a sword because he saw the Kings face, a little bit rude if I might say so myself. The hero’s best friend dies in the heros arms and they have a little moment saying where Bird-Dog says “You are me. You are my parents, my brother, and my body. If you live, I live. If you die, I die.” They have this cute little moment. Later they are found by best friends long lost dad blah blah blah. Long story short, Bird-Dog decides to look after and care for his dead best-friends sister as if he was her brother. HE IS THE BROTHER SHE HAD TAKEN AWAY FROM HER…. AND THEY FALL IN LOVE. NO. NO. NONONONONONONO. WHY. That messes everything up? Writers… just why? She needs the brotherly figure and Bird-Dog should be fulfilling the role his friend never could.. not trying to hoist up her skirts! I’m just… in despair.

The coupling would work so much better ifthe brothers and sisters stayed brothers and sisters and didn’t fall in love with each other. The writers just seem to use this method to stir up trouble, ruining beautiful families. Maybe it’s just me geting worked up aout fiction, but it angers me. When step-siblings fall in love it’s frowned upon. When adopted siblings fall in love it’s ‘weird’. So why is it so hard to keep this paritcular set of people apart? I want to see a kdrama where this fake sibling thing happens, and they DON’T fall in love! That would be the biggest plot twist.

I just…



Don’t ruin my dreams like this.



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