Living the Teenage Life

I Can’t Talk.

Okay I can talk…. as in I make noise with my mouth and the human brain transforms that into a glorious creation of words and pictures to create meaning. I can hold conversations, I can scream my lungs out, I’m not mute I swear.

I was talking… typing to a recently acquired friend, yes from Omegle, when he wanted to video chat like we had on Omegle… That’s fine, you can see my face I’m adorable  I have no issues with that… but when we spoke on Omegle the sound was 100% off and I just typed away in to no mans land….  I can never bring myself to talk people over the internet if it involves my actually moving my physical mouth to provide coherent conversation. Just no. There are a three reasons I prefer typing to talking.

Firstly is that the connections between my brian and my mouth just don’t seem to want to connect. If I’m typing if just snap it out, I’m sassy, smart and confident… put me in front of a real person and get me to do that…. Flirt with the six pack French guy? Hell, you’re lucky if I don’t revert to sheep mode and ‘baaaa~’ in his face. Make the pretty Asian girl laugh? More likely that I’ll ramble about k-dramas and sound like a total weeb (which I am not thank you very much, it’s just easier to find them online).
If I’m not just awkwardly staring at your pixellated face, them I’m probably just rambling about socks or something… however the staring in silence is the most normal of the two. I can think of subjects much quicker and have better answers if I type what I think instead of say it. My brain just works quicker that way! I just find it difficult to talk to people, especially if I’ve just met you. It’s (almost) fine when you’re a physical human embodiment in front of me which I can kick and poke, but pixels put me on edge. I don’t like it.

The second reason would be accents. Not only theirs but mine as well. Unless I’m helping someone to learn English I avoid people with strong accents on the internet. That includes part of Northern English, I’m sorry but you sound like a foreign language sometimes.As much as I appreciate the effort and thought that foreigners go through to learn english, I have neither the time nor the energy to decipher what they are saying. I also found that if I have to keep asking ‘What did you say?’ and ‘Can you repeat that?’ they get disheartened and think that they are bad at english… which they aren’t… they just have a VERY strong accent which a simpleton like I cannot decipher. Overall it is easier to type what I’m going to say… Plus I don’t add any of the colloquialisms which I have into my text, don’t want to be like…teaching anyone bad grammar in’nt. I feel it would be better to let them experience the ways english can be formatted and let them get used to it… but that’s just me I don’t know if it’s any good xD

The third reason is my own accent. I hate my accent so much it’s unreal. I used to be a Senior Reporter (same level as prefect almost) in the School Reporter group, this involved more recordings of my voice then I would like. Do you know of the thing where you can hear your voice vibrate so recordings sound odd? I cannot stand it on myself! Not to mention that I have an awful mix of posh and chav in my voice. I went to secondary school in a posh area but the town I grew up in is super chavvy. I mix ‘barth’ and ‘glarss’ with ‘in’nt’ and multiple ‘like’s per sentence. Granted I only started to integrate the ‘posh’ versions of words because I got teased for being a chav… however now I’m at sixth form in my home town, it just some like a weird hybrid. It’s atrocious. I am a shame to Britain.

If you’re ever talking, or typing, to people online bear in mind that not everyone is comfortable with the same things you are. That doesn’t just involve talking though, it could be giving out your hometown, stripping on camera. Not everyone wants to do that! *cough* You’re starting to rant, slow down *cough* If someone doesn’t want to do something and you’re talking online, take a hint and leave them alone. If it’s going to affect your friendship that badly then don’t be their friend! It’s the internet for Christs sake, it’s not like it’s short of people!

But that was why I don’t like talking on the internet. I hope you enjoyed this post, albeit a short one. Anyone else have a similar problem? Tell me below~~




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