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The Magic of Omegle

Ahhh~ Omegle. The place where online predetors try and get underage kids to do sexy things. Or in other words, the land of d**ks for men who don’t understand that PornHub exists.

So I am known for my bad life decisions… however I think this may be the best worst idea I’ve ever had. I think I started to befriend complete strangers when I was about 13 and to be honest… it was a dreadful idea. Especially the way I found strangers to talk to. I used Omegle. Yeah. That one. The one full of naked guys needing a quickie online. Granted I probably saw more d**k then I’ll ever see in my entire life in the last 5 years, however I have made a couple of good friends over the time. Not all of them lasted, but I did talk to a few for over a year. I’m still friends with on of the first guys I talked to all those years ago. 5 years man. 5 years of d**ks with their d**ks out and I still keep talking to them.

I always take precautions as much as I can, the years of listening to teachers regurgitating facts like broken records did manage to reach some part of my system at some point in life. I never added them on Facebook, Twitter or other similar social medias. They get kept at a distance using a Skype account I created. No last names, sometimes not even real first names… unless they seemed like decent human beings. I mainly used the names Alice and Frankie as my secret names, the thrill of going under cover ya know. I also never gave them specific locations to where I lived – anyone who does that is a complete idiot. England is the best they got and anything else is a lie.

I’ve broken my rules a couple of times, normally if the person I’m talking to is my own age and not a complete lunatic. I’ve added 3 of my Omegle friends of Facebook and they all had a minimum of a year of Skype calls and video messaging to prove themselves. One of them doesn’t talk to me anymore after I rejected his love letter about 2 years after we met… which was a shame but understandable. I’ve also given my address out twice to people who I send cards and stuff to. They have my address and I have theirs, and they only get it if I completely trust that they aren’t a complete stalker. The internet is a dangerous place and can be a nightmare if you play your cards wrong. I don’t think I would have given out my address if I hadn’t ever video messaged them. They idea that some one I trust and talk to isn’t who I think is terrifying and I take as many precautions as possible before allowing them into a more personal part of my life.

I’ve had good things come out of this terrible Omegle obsession as well as bad. As I mentioned before I have a good friend of 5 years from talking to the weirdos. He’s probably the few I’ve actually added on Facebook, and the only one who knows where I live. However it took him 2 years to persuade me to add him and 3 for me to give him my address. We send each other christmas and birthday cards, he’s lovely. I think he even befriended one of my old school friends when she randomly added him xD He’s a sweetie. I’m also the person who slowly and surely made him add “*hugs~*” onto the end of all his messages.  I’m proud of myself for making a manly man degrade himself to being called ‘Little Bear’ by a girl and entire year younger than him in age and 7 years younger in mentality. The people you find on the internet are not all pedos who want to stalk you and kidnap you.

However that being said there are some right weirdos out there. As much as I do like to point out to people that there are lots of lovely people online (just stay safe) and they aren’t all scary, I have met some odd humans. I’m never sure whether it’s a talent to watch a man jerk off and have a perfectly sane conversation with them, or not… but that’s something I’ve learnt how to do over the last few years. I’ve also learnt that there are a lot of men on Omegle who get turned on by total sassing of their manhood. Like.. is that a thing? Does that work in real life?!

One thing I’ve always found interesting on Omegle is the moment someone finds out that you are a girl. Take a conversation I was having the other day with a lovely bloke. I’d refered to myself as an Englishman during the early points of our conversation (Englishwoman just sounds weird) making him assume that I was a man. We talked for about an hour, bonding over the way films cut their scenes now compared to 50 years ago, the way we both want to do Film at university. It was exciting! I was taken to why no comments were being made towards the fact that I was one of the rare female species on Omegle! I just assumed he was one of the even more rare genuine guys who just wanted to make friends. So I added him on Skype so we could talk at a later point about film and cinema….
“Wait… Why is your profile picture female?” he asks, “Are you a girl?” I mean it was fine, he didn’t make any grim comments which normally appear upon the discovery of a female on Omegle, but the relationship changed. He started calling me ‘cute’ and asked if I had a boyfriend. Nothing bad ever happened but the talks about film slowly disappeared into talking about my relationships… which are basically non-existent. He’s a lovely lad but it was just surprising how coherent and intriguing conversation changed into a teenage girls diary within the matter of a day. Yes. This happened in a day. It was fascinating.

Of course Omegle is not the only platform I find and chat to strangers, and each platform presents a different group of people, but I think that’s for a different post at another time. I’m thinking about posting renditions of the conversations I’ve had with these strangers (albeit an edited version with different names and stuff), because some of them are interesting to  me, if no one else. Sound like a plan? Or an awful idea? Tell me what you think. If there is anything else you want to know about my Omegle adventures feel free to leave a comment ^^


2 thoughts on “The Magic of Omegle

  1. Omg,I relate so much?
    sparlking up onto a strangers day and letting them enter in yours in curious, twisted and broad conversations that are completly random and different from time to time is so, nice?
    I spent 5 years just like you, being that girl
    and honestly, it’s okay until it eats up all of your time and energy
    when omegle takes more space than eating,going to school, getting out of your house
    ihhhh thats a probz at least for me,
    it was refreshing to read you, tho
    I feel less alone
    good vibes sent

    Liked by 1 person

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