Living the Teenage Life

Things To Do Before I Die:

I feel like this is the point in which most people list their bucket list for the rest of the new year… however the items I wish to achieve in life I don’t think I am able to do within in the confinement of a single year. So instead I will list the things I wish to do before I die, and I do truly hope that the rest of my life is not restricted to a single year quite yet. I’m turning 18 next March and I plan to go to university after the summer. Give me 3 or 4 year and then I have the whole world ahead of me. I’ll be what, 21? 22? depending on if I take a year out. Hell I’m only 17 now I’m still young and I have dreams I want to accomplish. So what would I like to do in the next 83 years of my life?

  1. Ride a horse
  2. Earn a Degree
  3. Travel to all the continents
  4. Climb a mountain
  5. Take a man twice my size down
  6. Have a 24 hour movie marathon
  7. Try food from 50 different countries
  8. Bungee jump (Why do I want to do this, I’m afraid of heights….)
  9. Organise a camp out
  10. Have drinks with all my siblings
  11. Learn how to knife fight
  12. Hang out with one of my idols
  13. Do a fashion shoot – both as the photographer or the model
  14. Go to a karaoke room and sing
  15. Go on a date… (yeah I’ve never been on a date…)
  16. Get a boyfriend/girlfriend… who last over 2 hours
  17. High five a millionaire
  18. Get married
  19. Own a dog
  20. Make a onesie from scratch
  21. Own 7 blankets each corresponding to the different colours of the rainbow
  22. Do a free-standing handstand
  23. Cut the perfect carrot… you know.. like chefs do… chopchopchopchop….
  24. Go on a road trip across England
  25. Travel to every state in America
  26. Pet a platypus
  27. Try dog… as a food… don’t judge me it just sounds weird so I want to try it… I’m fascinated. There are people who eat humans out there, I don’t think dog meat is the worst meat you can eat okay!
  28. Go diving
  29. Swim with dolphins
  30. Meet my pen pal (It’s been 4 years dammit!)
  31. Get a tattoo (Again… I’m scared of needles…)
  32. Be cooked a meal by a world-renowned chef
  33. Write a book
  34. Gain 100 followers for my blog
  35. Direct a movie
  36. Be in a music video
  37. Get my name in the credits of a Disney film
  38. Meet the Queen, she’s a babe
  39. Cosplay as.. something magical
  40. Attend a Comic Con
  41. Take a million photos
  42. Sell one of my photos (Cause why the hell not?)
  43. Buy a house
  44. Take a selfie with JK Rowling
  45. Own 10 onesies
  46. Inspire someone
  47. Make a full meal for my father
  48. Sing a solo…. (Guess what… I’m terrified of performing on my own… orz)
  49. Have a movie makeover. As in thee ones with the hair, makeup clothes extra. Think Pretty Woman… but less 1990 and more 21st Century.
  50. Be published in a magazine

That was 50 of the things I want to do before I die… What do you think, bit ambitious? What do you want to do before you die?


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