Letters to My Loved Ones...

Dear Dad…

Hello, happy birthday! You’re getting old now, sorry about teasing you about it so much. I worked out the other day that you’ll be about 70 when I leave university, not that I remind you every couple of seconds. Sorry again. I can be a pain, a fact both of us are well aware of. So I’m writing you this letter, which you will probably never read unless you happen upon the unfortunate circumstances of reading this blog, to tell you how much a love you… and a few complaints.. but still… Love you! ^^

You say the oddest of things sometimes and come out with some of the best stories. I’m sorry up don’t listen to them much anymore, but after the 10th repetition it gets a little bit boring. But I’m glad that you are willing to talk to me about mum. I don’t remember her much, so it’s nice when you tell me cute things you did together. Apart from that one story about mums heat changing earrings and your inside joke of being ‘on heat’. That was TMI. Especially at 10 o’clock at night. Not appreciated.

I may hide away in my bedroom 24/7 only emerging from the cave of sorrows to be fed an watered, but it’s nice that you come and check on me. Not that I’d ever admit it. If you had slightly better timing though, like when I have clothes on or not in the middle of a film, that would be appreciated. I mean I do normally shout if you try and enter in the middle of summer and I’m stark bollock naked, but it concerns me that you may one day do it quietly…. just saying. It would be nice if you tried. 

I’m glad that you let me drink and have fun even if you dislike it due to the fact that you don’t understand how being drunk can be fun. Says the one who got so drunk he unpegged all the tents of a random army training camp…. In my defence I only like being drunk because it’s the only time my terror of social situations goes away and let’s me talk to strangers. *sigh* You can be stupidly overprotective sometimes, but I’m glad you let me go out have fun. It’s an alright balance which in can tolerate.

But most of all thank you for putting up with me for the last 17 years, especially after you lost mum. I know it’s been hard and I appreciate all the care you’ve put into looking after me and bring me up. Even if you did forget my birthday last year. But even if I’m a complete pain or a brat, I just want you to know that I love you no matter what. Stay safe when I go to university and leave you alone in this big house. Try not to fill my room up with boxes – I’ll be back for Christmas and would like a place to sleep. Thank you for raising me, you’re the best dad I know.

Love your youngest daughter,



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