Living the Teenage Life

“Life is Hard When Your 17.”

I think that may be one of the most middle class, stereotypical first world teenage statements I’ve ever made. It’s also pretty true.. you know. For my middle class, first world life.

There are many people out there with it worse off then me. Some don’t have a home, some are dying some can’t even give their child a proper meal, and I’m sat snuggled up in my duvet after eating the best Sunday roast of my life saying “Life is hard.” Christ, I’ve not even started living and yet I’m already losing interest in the things which make me happy!? That’s not on the schedule for at least 50 years!

So why is life hard at 17 when I have so many privileges and comforts in life? I don’t know. Perhaps I’ve been realising it for a while now but 5 seconds a go I just gave up. I have exams to revise for, driving lessons to arrange, UCAS forms to complete, GCSE certificates to find, a part time job to search for, a social life to maintain, extracurricular activities to paint onto my personal statement, and between all that I’m expected to find time to enjoy myself?! Now I get a lot of adult telling me that life isn’t hard at my age but think again lady. I’d much rather have a 9 till 5 office job in which the nearest to homework I get is over time. I mean sure I don’t have to do all those things but… I also kind of do.

So you want me to go to university? I need results, I certainly need to fill out UCAS forms and if I don’t put down that I volunteered at a grannies home over the summer I get moaned at for doing nothing outside of school! Don’t give me the drivel that exams are easier now, I’m 70% sure they’re as hard if not harder then yours! I mean I want to go to uni, it’s not like I’m being forced, but there’s so much going into being accepted to the perfect uni it’s almost not worth it! UCAS forms are confusing. Seriously though, what’s the difference between being British or English as a nationally?

Just… urgh. Take it as a stressed out teenage moan, but life is hard. Can’t I just sleep? Who needs a degree? Who needs a job? Or money? Or friends? Why choose when you can just sleep?

I think it’s because at my age a lot of expectations are put on us to grow up, very quickly, in a very short amount of time. 17 is the awkward age of not being an adult but not quite being a teenager, and some people, like me, are not very good at adjusting that fast. I know people who made the leap without any problems, but I’m still in the air wondering when I’m going to land.

Also I have an essay due tomorrow I didn’t know about and its shredding me out… which was the real reason I started writing this… #procrastinating

And I wonder why I get so stressed because of school work….


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