​One step. One moment. Where the world can swirl and spin as if caught in a rushing waterfall. Where colours can merge like waves crashing on a pebbled beach at the dawn of day; cosmic rainbows from all directions twist and curl into unimaginable shapes and spirals. You think there can be no escape from this blissful paradise. No relief from the endless flashing of fireworks covered in a blanket of silence; of the ceaseless stampede of painted elephants, wreaking havoc and chaos across a universal drawing board, of which you are only a single speck of paint. 

One glance and you could be drawn into its embrace, like a fly to a river of golden syrup. Inescapable once its tender grip has grasped you by the soul and rocked you to and fro, no different to a new born baby restless for sleep. You are unable to move. Unable to touch. Unable to smell. Lost in a galaxy of glittering magnificence with only twinkling stars of light and painted planets sailing across the distant sky to guide you. Can you imagine? 

But what if it suddenly went black? From light to dark; day to night; a mother’s embrace to a cold hard slap. A cascade of sadness streaming from a mountain. A gaping hole filled with unending fear. Could you stand longing for the indescribable sights you once dreamt within? Unable to breathe without the deep blackness seeping in, destroying the distant memories of bright colour, leaving only the faintest of sketches in your mind. Needing to see just one more shade of purple. One more sketch to etch onto your stone grey brain. The torment of wanting to see, yet refusing to open your eyes.The loss of the colour pains you, as if a great blade had slashed your very essence. You would not bleed red or crimson shades. Only darkness would fall out from your heart into the never ending black pit the rainbows left behind. 

You are useless in your dim bubble of loss, what more can you do? There is no white light in the distance to drift towards. No helping hand to guide you in the darkness. No striking shades to awe you, nor setting suns to bathe in. 

“Return.” You whisper, and the plead echos through every corner, blanketing you in your isolation.

Peeps seemed to like the other one so I scrubbed up another for all you lovely strangers ^^


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