Cheer Up America!

Okay.. so… a lot of sh*t going down in the Land of The Free. Hope you’re all okay over there, we’re praying for your safety – those who belive in a higher being anyway… so I guess we’re hoping for your safety… You know what I mean.
After seeing the riots, letters and other upsetting scenes I thought that I should do something. However being the underage, broke teenager I am, I was struggling to think of things I could do to send my support and love across the sea without actually spending any of my university funds..  and what better way to do it then through the gift of song? I like to listen to songs and music when I’m sad because then it’s like I’m in a movie and I have some cool background music… or it just makes me smile and instantly brightens up my day. So here are 5 songs for you, to watch and listen to your pleasure, which will hopefully will cheer you up a bit… or at least make your day a little less depressing

  1. I Don’t Wanna Be Sad – Simple Plan
    So this is probably pretty obvious why I think you should listen to it (hint: it’s in the name). I found this song almost a year ago now I suppose, when I was massively distraught over a friendship breakup. My two best friends, who’d started dating, decided to break up. This made me decide which ‘side’ I wanted to take – something I did not want to do. After listening to this song on constant repeat for about an hour, I made the decision to tell them to man up and stop giving each other sh*t, for my sake if nothing else. I’m still friends with both, and they’ve just about got the hang of not making too snide of a comment about the other when talking in my presence. It’s a good pick-me up song, which easy words to sing-a-long to. What more do you want?
  2. The Language of Love – Ylvis
    Aside from having an amusing video, which by itself made me smile due to its sheer wacky, weirdness, this song actually does seem to strike a much deeper meaning. Do forgive my inner-english student for this over analisation, but I kinda feel like this song is trying to convey the idea that love isn’t restricted to colour, race, language and, as shown in this species, species. I choose this one especially to those I was told I was racist for saying this earlier but I don’t mean it offensively who look as if they are from other countries. If someone is judging you for loving a human whose shade of skin differs from yours, or if they critisise you for loving a person of the same gender. It’s not up to them if it’s right or wrong. You love who you love and nothing can stop that, not even language or sea life.
  3. Kiss of Gypsy – KON
    OOoooo. A peice of music without words! Such an edgy teenager. Yeah, I know. But I do like to listen to classical music every once in a while.
    Where did I find this? I don’t know. It was in a korean drama, which I cannot for the life of me remember the name, and the leading girl did a bad interpretive dance of her inner turmoil with her mother. Tango music is perfect to direct your inner emotions into the world; It’s dramatic, sassy and perfect to de-stress youself about pent up hate and politics pelting your community. Just remember to do this in the privacy of your own home, unless you don’t mind being seen as ‘the crazy person’. Just saying.
  4. Grace Kelly – MIKA
    Again, this is just another let loose and dance around like a crazy person singing the lyrics at the top of your voice. Who doesn’t know the lyrics to this? If you don’t you’re missing ou big time buddy. Man I love this song. I don’t know why but it instantly makes me feel better about life. But maybe that’s just me.
  5. Schnappi, Das Kleine Krokodil – ???
    This one just brigns a smile to my face. This is a cover version as the original has an annoying baby voice, this guy sounds much nicer. The song itself is meant for kids, so it’s cute and catchy with simple lyrics – even if you don’t know German. My friend found this a couple years back when I still studied german, she learnt the entire thing and now I can make her sing it when my day needs brightening it up. WARNING: It’s super catchy and you’ll be singing about tiny crocodiles to your coworkers. Soz.

Well, they were 5 of my favourite ‘Cheer Me Up’ songs, what do you like to listen to when you’re down about the world?
I hope if you’re being discriminated or taunted by mean people in the owrld that you fight through it. Not everyone is a bad person and there are still people who care about you. You are awesome. Don’t forget that.


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