Living the Teenage Life

A Hibernating Human

When I was a kid my older sister would sleep until past lunchtime and, as the energetic child I was, I vowed I would never be like her. I promised my parents that I’d be a good girl when I was older; I’d go to bed at 9pm and wake up early the next day; I wouldn’t go partying at night because it made you ill; and I’ll always be up for a nice long walk, no matter the time of year.

Time skip forward 10 years and you’re lucky if I went to sleep before 1am. On weekdays I probably end up having between 4 and 7 hours of sleep a night, and on weekends it’s between 10 and 13 hours – waking up in the early afternoon. Not even mentioning my sleep pattern over the holidays, which is just horrific, you can see how messed up my sleep pattern is. However, I’ve noticed that the amount I sleep changes depending on the time of year. Now this could be to do with the longer or shorter days, but I’m blaming the cold.

Now I do prefer cold over hot, you can’t wear hoodies in a heat wave, so I’m not really complaining. But if it’s cold when I wake up my immediate response is to shuffle deeper in to my cocoon of blankets and go back to sleep. Which is fine… until you realise that the entire day in winter is f**king freezing. I just keep going back to sleep in a hope that it will magically warm up outside of my bed. This means at the weekend I’m sleeping for most of the day and on the weekdays it’s a constant rush to get to school. I’m not joking when I say winter taught my how to get dressed and ready within 10 minutes – useful skill if I do say so myself.

But then turn summer again and my sleep pattern starts to resemble that of a normal human being. I get up before 10, weirdly energetic, and can go about my day. I mean… I’ll still be going to bed past midnight, sometimes not even sleeping the entire night, but at least I’ve got the morning part right… right?

I don’t know why this happens!! I mean it could just be the gift box that comes with being a teenager.. but it’s almost tempting to go see a doctor and find out whether or not I have some variation of insomnia… but that involves leaving my bed, in winter no less. I do quite firmly believe that I was secretly experimented on as a child, having bear DNA set.inside of my own DNA, causing me to want to hibernate during winter time. I don’t know. Does anyone else struggle to get up in the morning during the winter time? 

And yes, I did just wake up.


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