Dear America…

I write this message to the citizens of the United States of America. We’ve all had a couple of days to process what has happened and things don’t seem to be looking up. To be honest, I was rooting for Bernie Sanders, he seemed like a pretty sane and solid bloke. But I understand not everyone gets what they want. After the racism and foulness that came from my own counties vote for Brexit, I thought that maybe some people would have gained some hints towards voting for the greater good. I know not all of you voted for the giant orange cheeto, which is why I will split this letter up as a message for all of you.

To those who didn’t vote, I hope you are happy with the choice given to you. Not that you get much choice in the matter now, you’re suck with it for 4 year.

To the Trump supporters, I hope you’re happy and pleased with the outcome because you’re probably the only people who are. Some of you voted because you genuinely think he’d make America ‘great’ again, I accept that. Maybe you just missed all the times he lied, was racist, made misogynistic comments or threatened innocent people. To those who voted due to bigoted views, racism, homophobia or any other hate related content… there isn’t anything I can say to you. To make the decision which could potentially ruin an innocent persons life.. why? I know Clinton wasn’t much better, but at least she held some regard for the human species. 

To Hilary Clinton, thank you for trying to beat him. You tried. I don’t really think you’re the best candidate America could have had, but apparently there is worse.

To Donald Trump, I understand that you have your own views and opinions on a lot of things. However. You are now the leader of one of the most powerful and influential countries. Stop whining, put your big boy boots on and try and do a decent job. Don’t just think about yourself, but any negative influences that your actions might have. Lives are precious and shouldn’t be destroyed by the actions of a single man. You’re President. We’re all stuck with you. No one gets a choice anymore. Keep your hands out of your receptionists bra and put them to the better use of actually making America ‘great’ again. I won’t America was pretty great a couple of weeks ago, so keep it that way. It’s not my country but it would be a shame to see America go down the toilet or become a laughingstock. No one wants either of the those options. So please. Please. If you’re going to sit in the big seat, get your act together.

To the ‘non-white’ community, I don’t know how much this means to you coming from a privileged white girl, but it truly comes from my heart. Stay strong. Stay safe. Keep fighting. Don’t let anyone put you down for the colour of your skin. I’d say “colour doesn’t matter” but it does. Your skin shows your heritage, it’s the pages of you ancestors, it’s the story of your family; and that should be respected. Black, white, brown, blue; who gives? You are who defines you and it’s the people who define their country. Not a man on a podium who wants you out of your own country. I mean sure he gets to put some ideas in the hat, but without people into the country it wouldn’t be much of a country. Don’t hate, love. I understand that will be really f*cking hard to do, but hate doesn’t beat hate.

To the LGBTQ+ community, I’m one of you and I’ll stand with you. I might be on the other side of the world, but I will stand with you as much as I can. Don’t let people judge you for who you love. If they can’t see that you and your husband are the most handsome couple, then why do they get to criticize you? If they want you and your loving wife to break up just because they thinks it’s ‘wrong’, then they are wrong. If they say you can’t wear heels. Do it. If they take away your jeans and give you skirts because ‘that’s how you were born’, then take every opportunity to wear those jeans sweetheart. Hell. If they don’t appreciate anyone for who they are, then why do they even deserve to be in your presence. You slay. You rock. You love.

To the Muslim community, you’re not all terrorists. 99% of you are probably very nice people indeed. Don’t let the actions of others define you.  Be so awesome that no one would even think of calling you a terrorist. But don’t deny where you came from, if you did move to America, because it’s you who made you the amazing person you are today – and it’s you, not a religion or a country, which can change that.. If you were born and bred American, that’s cool too! Don’t deny your religion just to ‘fit in’ because they don’t know any better. Not all Muslims are terrorists and all terrorists aren’t Muslims.

To the children of America, don’t bully. Don’t curse. Just because the ‘President’ does it, doesn’t mean it’s right. Don’t pour more fear and hate into a pond already full. Be nice to friends and stay civil with your enemies. Stand up for the weak and protect the innocent. Don’t leave a stranger to die because that stranger might become the saviour of your own life. It’s good advice kids. Bullying is bad. Hate is bad. We need a lot more love and care in this world, so why not start with you?

To the adults of America, protect your children and raise them well. Give them the love and affection they need, but make clear the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. The future of your country for the next 4 years has been decided by you. Make the best of it you can. Protect not only your family but your neighbours as well. Unite together and be harmonious, it’s all we can hope for.

To the world, this is a time in which many Americans may need our support and help. I hope it isn’t as bad as people think it is, and there is always a chance that our expectations will be wrong. This is one of the few times in my life at least in which I am hoping I am wrong. Let us pray to whatever God or science you believe in and beg that Trump is not Hitler 2.0, we don’t need another. Let us hope that his cruel, unpleasant and bigoted wishes don’t get set in stone, and that the American government has enough power to say no. Fingers crossed that the next 4 years don’t go up in flames. Literally.

Of course there are many other communities and people who need love and guidance in this time, but it would take too many hours for me to personally give it to you. So instead I hope that the rest of America can hold them close and give them the comfort they need instead. I do truly hope that the news, the internet and the people are purely acting on a heavy dose of fear. We can face fear. We can fight fear. Fear can be beaten. So America, hold tight to your seatbelts, tell your loved ones you love them, and hope for the best. Thank you for your time, and good luck my friends. Good luck. Keep his tiny orange hands away from the big red buttons.

Much love and concern,
A very worried teenager.


2 thoughts on “Dear America…

    1. After the regrets I saw in my own country after the Brexit result, I could only imagine the feelings after he was elected, I hope my piece brings someone comfort even if I’m thousands of miles away from the real thing ^^


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