Living the Teenage Life

What Did I Want To Be When I Grew Up?

At 17 I’m currently choosing a university, attempting to not fail my A Levels and avoiding family members asking The Question – “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. To be honest, I don’t know. I haven’t known for certain since choosing my GCSEs in year 9. Does anyone know? My dad, aged 64, gives the advice “I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.” – real helpful dad, real helpful. But still, I had loads of ideas about my future as a kid, so I thought I should share some!

  1. An Elven Princess Who Rides a White Unicorn and Vanquishes Evil
    I blame ‘The Lord of the Rings’ for this one, or at least the movies. You remember the scene with the ass kicking elf chick riding across a river being chased by a group of bad guys in black? That elf chick inspired me for so many years. I pestered my mum and dad for horse riding, sword fighting and archery lessons for years. It never happened. But who wouldn’t want to be an ass kicking elf chick. In some stories elves get tingly magic powers. They’re f***ing awesome. I still kinda want to be this when I grow up. Teenagers have dreams too, okay…
  2. A Fairy Queen/Stag King
    Again, same kind of idea. I think this one was inspired by the ‘Rainbow Magic Fairies Collection’ by Daisy Meadows. It was my all-time favourite books when I was a midget child. I spent all my pocket money of the collections, which I can now only sadly stare at and hope my kids like fairies. If I couldn’t be a fairy queen with awesome magic powers then I at least wanted to be a Fairy Friend, who wouldn’t? Or, along the same kind of line, I pretended I was the King of the Stags once. You know, when books could write about Kings having a higher position then Queens – so obviously I’d aim for the better position. When we’d go for walks in sheep fields I would gallop (yes actually doing some weird human interpretation of galloping) around, pretending that all the sheep worshipped me in all my might Stag glory. Like Bambi’s dad in the Disney movie. That kind of King of the Stags. Looking back it just sounds like I tried to hijack a Stag Do…
  3. A Knight in Shining Armour
    Again at the ‘girls can’t be knights’ point of time. I was planning to disguise myself as a man and become a knight. I didn’t realise that dragons weren’t real and it was a little bit harder to become a knight nowadays. Oh well. I do like the idea of disguising myself as a boy, it sounds interesting. Have you seen the YouTube who faked an accent for a year, I think he’s called Kei. Imagine doing that but pretending you’re a guy, like in ‘She’s the Man’.
  4. The Owner of the Best Bakery in the World
    I wanted to open a bakery with my best friend, we’re basically sisters, let’s call her Sarah. There’s not much excitement behind this one except that was both loved baking and eating. I think it would be a cool idea but I would no longer have the patience. Plus all my recent cakes look like sad wellingtons, which I guess is an achievement in its self.
  5. A Completely Professional Musician
    So basically me and Sarah both played instruments (we’ve both long quit now though) and we thought, when watching Britians Got Talent, that we should audition and become world famous musicians. As everyone knows BGT is obviously the only way to become a professional musician and it’s not like there are much more efficient ways of joining the industry. I lived for BGT, leave me alone. This side was definitely never going to happen as she soon developed a strong dislike of her Saxophone and I never cared to practice enough to be very good at piano. It wouldn’t have helped that I get awful stage fright. But hey! We thought about auditioning for BGT and it’s the thought that count.
  6. A Crazy Cat Lady
    Still a legitimate career choice.
  7. A Wizard
    Harry Potter. Need I say much more? This dream was completely dashed, along with many others across the world, when I didn’t receive my acceptance letter. If it wasn’t enough that the Wizard World didn’t accept me, The Doctor still hasn’t bumped into me and chosen me as his companion. Doesn’t my first world life suck?
  8. A Librarian
    Not gonna lie this was what I wanted all my life up until year eleven, or at least as a back up plan if the rest failed dramatically. It was the perfect sounding job; you get to read books, which I loved the idea of, and you got to ‘beep’ all the books with a scanner! I was so easily entertained it is super fun to do though ngl. Plus my mother was a librarian, which was kind of where the idea stemmed from. I had it all planned out. I was going to go to university and do an English degree, and then go back and do a masters in a Librarianship degree. Yes, that is a thing. Looking back that kinda sounds a little bit boring.I was umm-ing and arrr-ing even back in year 10, but it’s a definitely does not really appeal to me as much any more. Everything is starting to get a bit impersonal and technical, which isn’t what I wanted. A traveling book store sounds much more appealing, no?
  9. A Travel Photographer/Blogger/Vlogger
    Who doesn’t fancy travelling round the world with a bag on your back!? This one still appeals to me, but I know the dangers and the effort which travel bloggers go through. I’d love to travel round the world, and it would be awesome if people brought the photography I did. If i could have a job which let me travel the world, that would be amazing. I did try vlogging once when I visited Russia, I’m way too awkward to attempt that again.
  10. A Movie Director
    Directing movies sounds pretty sweet, but maybe not what I’m looking for – again. It’s on my bucket list to direct a music video, cause it would be cool, but anything bigger and it gets a bit ‘meh’. I wouldn’t be very good at directing. I like analysing movies though. If I could be a movie critique, or if there was a job where they employed people to judge and make suggestions of peoples films whilst they made it, then that would be cool. If anyone is looking for a normal person to judge their films and they are willing to pay, I’m normally free!!

You can slowly see my brain mature as I get older and move towards more realistic goals but who knows what I’ll do in the future. I can at least hope and pray that I’m happy whatever I do. Did you have any dream jobs as a kid? Tell me what it was and why in the comments below!


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