Blog Post 100,000,001

Hello World.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog, they seem like fun; a nice way to anonymously share you’re deepest darkest secrets. A place to connect with people around the world, telling wondrous stories, going in magical adventures, exploring the weirdest parts of the internet. Therefore I’ve constantly been starting to write blogs, doing reviews, and I even tried to vlog for a while. However after many failed attempts, I decided that I would try to do it properly. I’m almost an adult and I should be able to handle this amount of responsibility. Maybe.

I began a diary the other day, it was the 8th anniversary of my mother’s death, and writing helps me to calm my emotions. I won’t publish that for the world to see, not yet at least, but I do promise to pour my heart out online instead of hidden under the lines, between the pages of a secret diary.

So who am I? I’m a mess. Not a complete mess I should admit; I haven’t lost any of my limbs at the local coffee shop and, although my mind is all over the place, I would still class myself as relatively sane. I chose my username 100% Mess because there are many, many days when I do feel like a complete mess. I’m in college, in my last year of A Levels and the stress is starting to hit me. Hard. To the point that I managed to cry in college the other day, achievement unlocked? There are other days when all I want to do is sleep. Although it’s starting to sound it, I’m not completely negative! As much as I love complaining I am still a relatively cheerful person, some might even say too cheerful. I was once described, when walking home with a friend, as “a drunken exchange student who’d just got off the plane and had a serious case of jet lag.” Aren’t friends great. However in my defence, that was one of the days where I couldn’t stop giggling and I lost all ability to coherently speak the English language. It happens more then you think.

What else do I do in life? My many self acclaimed titles would include; Procrastinator Master, Winner of the Nap Olympics, Amateur Photographer, Food Scavenger Expert, Freebie Collector, Bathroom Singer Reject, Free Hugs Opportunist, Messy Bedroom Owner and Sloth Queen. Seriously though I tidied my room on Friday and suddenly by Monday the floor was covered. I can sleep up to 13 hours at the weekend, I think I’m legit gonna die from sleeping. Additionally food always tastes better when it is stolen  gifted from friends.

I study English, Maths Stats and Photography at A Level. 82% chance I will fail them but I’m trying my best to work hard. My favourite subject used to be Photography until I had a change in teacher and now it just feels like a chore. It would be nice if in the future I could travel the world and sell my photos, but only if my enthusiasm can last another 9 months. I love English, weird I know, but maths… let’s ignore maths.

Other then all that I would say I’m a pretty average 17 year old teenager. I’m insecure, spotty, stressed and still working out what I want to be when I grow up (gonna be a penguin). In this blog I will… blog… about my life. I’ll wear my hear on my sleeve and reveal my insecurities and my worries, my hopes and my dreams. I hope you gain something from my warbling and hope you support me in the future. Thank you for having my strangers of the internet ^^


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